Getting Started

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The AMF TestStep can be used for sending AMF remote calls over HTTP (AMF being Adobes ActionScript Messaging Format used by Flash/Flex applications to interact with a server backend).

The new AMF TestStep lets you perform call to AMF server with access to all the XML-related bells-and-whistles (assertions, property-transfers, etc) .
In this introduction we will use the same BlazeDS platform BlazeDS and the sample application


You will need to download flexsample.jar provided here for the purpose of this tutorial (it is also included in the blaze-ds distribution). Place this jar in the %soapui%\lib folder and when starting soapUI 3.5 you should see in the soapUI log that the jar has been added to the internal classpath :


Now create a new soapUI project


and then manually add a TestSuite, a TestCase and finally add an AMF Request TestStep.

The new AMF Request window contains the following components:


For the Request:

  • 1. Endpoint
  • 2. AMF Call
  • 3. Parameters table
  • 4. Script editor
  • 5. HTTP Header inspector
  • 6. AMF Header inspector

For the Response:

  • 7. XML view
  • 8. RAW view
  • 9. Outline view
  • 10. Overview view
  • 11. HTTP Headers inspector
  • 12. AMF Header inspector