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SoapUI 4.5 – The Big Ears Release

You spoke, we listened, and the result is the modestly named Big Ears Release. This release brings the most sought-after features that you, the SoapUI Community, voted for. Test debugging, multi-environment support and improved assertion handling are just some of the new features added in 4.5. Let’s get crunching!


Test Debugging (Pro)

Improve your test quality and follow test flows step-by-step with the long-awaited SoapUI Pro Test Debugging. The Debugging Interface simplifies following Test Flow, Variables, Properties, Requests, Context and much more making test creation and improvement more streamlined.


Assertion TestSteps (Pro)

Create validation for your entire TestCase with the new Assertion TestSteps, making verifying your tests both simpler and easier to maintain. Test any part of the test at any time; do joint tests with Boolean logic for success conditions.


Message Content Assertion (Pro)

Simplify your workflow by asserting any part of the content of a response with an intuitive point-and-click GUI, allowing for more sophisticated verification in less time.



Check how your API performs from the net, via SmartBear’s cloud. By running your TestCase on a location outside your local network you’ll be able to highlight any network related issues.


Multi Environment Support (Pro)

If you’re running your tests in different environments, such as staging and production, you’ll love this. In SoapUI 4.5 you are able to quickly change test setup depending on target environment.


Floating Licenses (Pro)

Even though floating licenses isn’t our preference, this is the Big Ears Release… and we listened. Our SoapUI Community convinced us that it is to their benefit that we support it. So, as of SoapUI 4.5, sharing licenses across your team is easier with the addition of floating licenses.

But wait, there's more

Functional Testing

  • HTTP Monitor now works for all HTTP Methods
  • Improved the XPath Assertion to support wildcards within elements
  • Improved the XQuery Assertion to support wildcards within elements


  • Added possibility to override JUnitReportCollector for creating custom JUnit style reports


  • Enlarged the controls in Security Test

Technology Support

  • Added support for SAML 2
  • Added support for NTLM 2 and Kerberos
  • Added line numbers when having a Groovy Null Pointer

Test Debugging