soapUI Pro License Renewal FAQ

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This page covers the most frequently asked questions related to renewal of existing soapUI Pro licenses. If you have a question which is not answered, please contact us.

Where can I buy a renewal license of soapUI Pro?
You can buy it here on our store page

Do I get a discount when renewing the license?
Even though SoapUI Pro is has a subscription license, we are happy to offer SoapUI Pro with a $50 discount.

How do I renew the license in SoapUI Pro?
You can follow our "Installing a renewal license" steps in the linked article

From which date is the license renewal valid?
The license is valid from the day of generation, that is usually the day of purchase.

How do I renew the license in SoapUI Pro at the right date? I don't want to lose any days
To make things easier for the customers a License Renewal is a baker's dozen; 12 months + 1 extra month. The extra month is to make it easier to renew, you can renew two weeks before the old license expires and still get two weeks extra.

Can I buy and install a renewal license without having a previous license?
No, the renewal needs a prior license to work.