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SoapUI 5.1 – The Plugged In Release

We’re happy to announce the release of SoapUI 5.1, the next installment for SoapUI Pro users that is designed to make SoapUI easier to use for all of our users, and also provide our REST users with more complete functionality. This release includes improvements to both license management and JSON support, as well as a new plug-in framework that we're very excited to share with you.
Not only is it now easier to build SoapUI plug-ins but we've also made it easier to find them. Our shiny new plug-in manager lists all of the available plug-ins and gives you a one-click Install for most of them. Don't see what you're looking for? We've made it simple to build your own and share it with the whole community of SoapUI Pro users.Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s new:

Point-and-Click Testing for JSON

Point-and-Click Testing for JSON

You know the power of our point-and-click testing for XML - now that same power is available for JSON. You can do property transfers and add assertions for JSON with a simple right click.

Plug-in Manager

Plug-in Manager

Everyone loves to add their own touch and we know our users have some of the greatest ideas. So we've improved our plug-in framework to make it easier to build and deploy plug-ins for SoapUI. We've also added a Plug-In Manager so you can see available plug-ins and install them.

Starter Page Shortcuts

Starter Page Shortcuts

We've added shortcuts for the most frequently used features so you don't have to go find them in the product. Just click and launch. Looking for more info on how to use some of those great features? Check out the 1-minute tutorials we've added to the starter page as well.

Bugs Fixed:

We've also squashed several bugs for this release. Click below to expand the list.

SoapUI 5.1 bugs fixed

Bugs fixed

  • Mock Response test step fails (SOAP-2207)
  • (Pro only) REST discovery/ New REST mock service missing in composite project menu (SOAP-2266)
  • Code Execution Vulnerability with Property Transfers (SOAP-2355)
  • WS-security config ignores signature key identifier type "Issuer Name and Serial Number" (SOAP-2347)
  • Mock response step fails in 5.0 (SOAP-2207)
  • Mock response test step is not editable (SOAP-2202)
  • No sub menus in REST Mock Response Get Data (SOAP-2186)
  • The http status code in response doesn't work in REST mock service (SOAP-2356)
  • (Pro only) SoapUI still ask for a license after you have successfully entered a license and restarted (SOAP-2185)
  • (Pro only) Editor windows open in random places and random sizes when desktop type equals default (SOAP-2178)
  • REST Mock does not read the payload (SOAP-2173)
  • Script assertion play button does not work (SOAP-2161)
  • Content-Length header is missing in response from REST mock service (SOAP-2015)
  • no longer go to the global-groovy.log (SOAP-1938)
  • Drag and drop to a test case not working (SOAP-1936)
  • OAuth 2 advance configurations dialog shows all options in CAPS (SOAP-1845)
  • Wildcard in XPath match assertion only works with * and no additional characters. (SOAP-1299)
  • JDBC configuration requires a DB password (SOAP-493)
  • (Pro only) Changing environments does not change the associated JDBC connection string in various JDBC test steps (SOAP-268)
  • (Pro only) Composite project duplicate test cases (SOAP-685)
  • (Pro only) Project changes are not being saved, because of "Failed to delete temporary project file" in error log. (SOAP-995)
  • (Pro only) Order of Test-Suites in element.order file is not followed when composite project is opened in SoapUI Pro (SOAP-1762)
  • (Pro only) Composite projects containing multiple REST resources with the same name breaks when saving. (SOAP-1874)
  • (Pro only) Item ID's in composite project files are being changed. (SOAP-1381)
  • Stubbed dialogs show extended info (SOAP-2256)

Updated libraries

  • Updated to JRE 7u55
  • Removed joda-time
  • Updated junit to 4.11
  • Introduced Jayway's json-path 0.9.1
  • Introduced jackson-databind, jackson-annotations and jackson-core 2.1.0
  • Introduced org.reflections:reflections 0.9.9-RC1
  • Introduced gson 1.4
  • Introduced commons-vfs2 2.0
  • Introduced jsch 0.1.42
  • Introduced jzlib 1.0.7
  • Introduced commons-net 2.2
  • Introduced jackrabbit-jcr-commons 1.5.2
  • Introduced jcr 1.0
  • (Pro only) Replaced jexcelapi with Apache POI