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SoapUI NG Pro - new features for SoapUI Pro users

SoapUI NG Pro is the latest version of SoapUI Pro, embedded in our new Ready! API Platform.

It is based on the core of SoapUI, so you can continue to use existing SoapUI Projects, using your current SoapUI Pro license.

Load testing and Security testing has been extracted to its own tools, making them easier to find, while Mocking has been replaced by the more advanced ServiceV tool.

Most wanted features added

Earlier we asked you, our users, to vote for new features to be added in SoapUI.

So in SoapUI Pro 5.0 we added REST Discovery, one of the most wanted features.

In SoapUI Pro 5.1 we improved the Plugin framework, also a highly requested feature.

Continuing to complete items on the requests list, in SoapUI NG Pro 1.0 we added Groovy Code completion and new test step types like Send Mail, XML-RPC, and Wait for file. REST Discovery now also supports https based recording using external clients.

There is also a number of bug fixes. For the complete list of new features and bug fixes, check the release notes here:

SoapUI NG Pro Release Notes

In the works

The upcoming version of SoapUI NG Pro will add more OAuth 2 flows and easier to use Data Sources. Expect it in a few weeks.

/Matti Hjelm, PO SoapUI


Are you Ready?

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New UX and New tools

Honestly, SoapUI needed a UI overhaul a long time ago.

When I became PO for SoapUI 1.5 years ago, the first thing I wanted to do was repackage the overcrowded UI. As I was new to SoapUI I found many points where redesign was needed. But other important stuff had to happen first - better support for REST, OAuth 2, REST Discovery and other major improvements. Which we did in SoapUI 4.6 and 5.0.

But now, finally, we've done it! We are releasing Ready!API today, which is a completely new user experience.

The UI has been "rebuilt from the ground up"*, and it is the first part of our journey towards delivering a complete end-to-end API quality enhancement tool, ultimately covering all aspects of API Platform testing.

Try it - you'll like it!

Give it a shot here - and you will discover how easy it is to switch between different aspects of testing your API. Go from functional testing to load testing, security testing and enjoy the totally new ServiceV - Service Virtualization made simple!

New development teams FTW!

And, last but not least, I'm really, really impressed by the development teams now spread over the world, from US to Sweden to Russia. The teams have been working very hard the last months, cooperating across time zones and getting great stuff done.

Have fun testing! Be Ready! /Matti Hjelm Product Owner SoapUI

*as any fruit-related company would say.


SmartBear Partners with Apiary to Deliver API Blueprint Plug-In

SmartBear Software, the choice of more than two million software professionals for building and delivering the world’s best applications, released a new plug-in for SoapUI Pro that provides support for Apiary’s API Blueprint service descriptions within the tool.

Apiary, designers of API Blueprint and the Apiary API Design toolchain, is committed to providing API providers with all the tools necessary to build beautiful APIs. The goal is to enable parallel API development through better collaboration and documentation rather than rely on the traditional models used by most teams today. SmartBear, makers of SoapUI Pro, shares the same goal by providing developers and testers common tooling to test mock services and APIs. The marriage of these technologies provides even more power for teams to collaborate and communicate while building their APIs.

API service descriptions have become vital to organizations that collaborate across teams and with partners during the design phase of an API. Having the ability to easily understand and iterate over the initial design means API providers can release more stable APIs that better meet the needs of their consumers. Likewise, consumers benefit from having human-readable API descriptions because they can more easily integrate with the API.

"SoapUI has a long history and powerful feature-set targeted at API testing and virtualization, and it's an ideal match to our industry-leading API Design toolchain,” said Jakub Nesetril, Founder and CEO of Apiary. “SoapUI also supports several other older formats like WSDL and WADL, and the resulting inter-operability now eases the transition to modern collaborative design approach using API Blueprint. We are excited about the opportunities for API developers."

SoapUI Pro’s new plug-in architecture makes extending the tool fast and easy. The simplified plug-in framework uses annotation-based extension points instead of XML configuration files and provides automatic installation of any third-party dependencies. SoapUI Pro offers a plug-in browser so SoapUI Pro users are able to find and install plug-ins quickly and easily. The new API Blueprint plug-in was released on August 6, 2014 and is available for all SoapUI Pro users through this browser.

"API Blueprint is a key player in the API specification and documentation domain and we're extremely excited to open SoapUI Pro to its users and make API testing and virtualization a natural ingredient of their API development and integration processes," said Ole Lensmar, CTO of SmartBear.

Recently awarded the top honor of Dr. Dobb’s Jolt Award in the Best Testing Tools category, SoapUI Pro 5.1 is immediately available for download at Pro.


SoapUI Pro by SmartBear Earns DataWeek + API World 2014 Award

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SoapUI Pro, the most used API testing tool in the world, has been honored with a DataWeek + API World 2014 Award for the Most Innovative DevOps API Solution. SoapUI Pro was selected by crowd vote, where thousands of DevNetwork community members voted on the top Data + API technologies of 2014.


SoapUI Pro 5.1 released today!

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Finally summer! This means (at least in Sweden) that a lot of people are on vacation, something very well deserved for our developers who have just finished the new release of SoapUI Pro! SoapUI Pro 5.1 is released today – hooray!

JSON enhancements

The new release adds full JSON support, so now you don’t have to be an XML expert anymore to create assertions on properties buried deep down in a JSON message. You can now use JSON Paths instead of XML Paths.


Apart from that we are adding a plugin manager that greatly simplifies installing plugins. Just point and click! It is also dramatically easier to write plugins – you can now write them as a single Groovy script file – keep an eye on our website for an upcoming webinar on the subject!

Other improvements

Apart from bug fixes we have improved the license handling to streamline the registration process, added in-app-analytics which, if you allow it, collects anonymous data that can help us find out how features are used (and not used) so we can improve SoapUI more efficiently. For trial users we also added new content on the starter page that hopefully will help you try the Pro features quicker.

Now I hope you also get some well-deserved time off to load your own batteries and come back to explore the new features of SoapUI.

There’s a lot more to come in the autumn!

Matti Hjelm
SoapUI Product Owner, SmartBear