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SoapUI 5.0 released today!

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I am truly happy to announce that SoapUI 5.0 was released 9th of April!

The three main features of SoapU 5.0 are: OAuth 2.0 support, REST Mocking and last but not least: REST Discovery! Since the September 2013 release of SoapUI 4.6, starting the REST in Progress improvements, the team has been churning out bug fixes and various improvements, while simultaneously completing the features of SoapUI 5.0. Read more here!

REST Discovery lets you easily record and capture API requests, with one-click creation of test suites for testing the API, and even create mocks (light weight simulations) of the API you just recorded!

The team deserves my full admiration for the accomplishment, and also a little rest.

SoapUI 5.1 coming soon!

But only a little, because the work on SoapUI 5.1 needs to be started right away! SoapUI 5.1 will complete the REST improvements finalizing the REST In progress theme we started with SoapUi 4.6 in September.

Additions like advanced point-and-click dispatcher for REST Mocking, and native JSON support will be added.

Feedback welcome!

Take your chance and send us feedback on SoapUI 5.0! Maybe your suggestion will make it into SoapUI 5.1?

If you send us good ideas on how to improve e.g. the REST Mocking dispatcher maybe your specific suggestion makes it into SoapUI 5.1.

Please be very specific when you suggest changes or find bugs. The more context information and practical examples of how you expect something to work, the faster we can implement it. The more background information we get, the better we can help solve the problems you are facing.

Send your suggestions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or post them at, in the Feature Request Board.

Happy testing!

Matti Hjelm
SoapUI Product Owner, SmartBear


SoapUI 5.0 Beta!

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I'm happy to announce a Beta version of SoapUI Pro 5.0 is available for download.

We would love to get feedback from current SoapUI users to make SoapUI Pro 5.0 great! You can report any bugs found to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SoapUI 5.0 has awesome new features like OAuth 2.0 support and REST Mocking. For Pro users we also added REST Discovery, a cool way of recording a Web API and quickly get the corresponding API definitions and Test suite added to SoapUI. Add REST Mocking to that and you can get to a simulation what you just recorded. So getting from an undocumented API to a test suite for it, and also a simulation of it is now easier than ever! SoapUI 5.0 will be released in the beginning of April if all goes according to plan.

Find the download info for Open Source version here.

and for the Pro version here.

Happy Testing!

Matti Hjelm
SoapUI Product Owner, SmartBear


Springtime for SoapUI

API Testing Dojo

Are you a beginner in the API Testing arena, and are unsure of how to get into it? Need tips on how to structure your API Tests? Or are you a hardened veteran wanting to polish your already awesome skills, get impulses and ideas for new solutions?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, I believe you will be as happy as I am with the new API Testing Dojo released last week. The dojo was created to be useful both for inexperienced and seasoned testers API Testing arena, and contains both tips to get you started and advanced challenges.

The API Testing Dojo is not tool-specific, so I think it is a very useful resource for anyone working with APIs, regardless of what tool you use. I’m convinced it will help you improve the quality of the API you are testing. For example, check out the basic article on Scenario-based testing,or the advanced one on API mocking.

Isn’t it awesome? Many, many thanks to the team creating the Dojo, I know it was a lot of hard work the last few months!

If you like the Dojo, or have any comments or suggestions, keep the discussion going on Twitter with #APITesting , on Google+, or whichever social media you prefer.

Latest visit: SQGNE

Last week I visited the Software Quality Group of New England, a network of testers in Boston, and did a talk about the fun of API Testing. This was as part of SQGNE’s monthly meeting in Boston, with a very nice crowd in attendance. There was a great interest in Web APIs. Many were quite new to the API arena, which is promising for the future for all of us working in the API business

Next up: SoapUI 5.0

For the first month since September, in February we won’t be having a SoapUI release (maintenance releases don’t really count). The reason for this, is of course that we are hard at work on finishing SoapUI 5.0 in order to get it to you as soon as possible.

You are probably already aware that the main features will be OAuth 2 support, REST Mocking and a neat time saving feature we call REST Discovery. Stay tuned, there is more to come.

REST In Progress releases - in progress

We started with the "REST In progress” theme in SoapUI 4.6, and SoapUI 5.0 is the second release in that theme – but it is not the last one. Hot on the heels of 5.0 comes SoapUI 5.1 with even more REST-related features. Some choices will depend on feedback from you, our beloved users, and what you think is most important, so stay in touch.

We are still in the beginning of this process, and several more releases are coming. Keep your eye out for 5.2 which will bring even more goodies. Expect to see several more releases this year, each one adding and improving on the previous in a steady cycle.

Code contributors - we love you!

The last 6 months a lot of talented developers has given us good code contributions to the Open Source version of SoapUI. We love that and we want to encourage it even more. As soon as 5.0 is released you will see a lot more contributions added, some of which have had to wait for a while because of our focus on 5.0. Some of the additions are already in the MAINTENANCE release. Thanks to for all your hard work, and please be patient, we will add as many code contributions as possible as soon as we can!

Thanks to these people for their fine work:

  • Christoph Thelen
  • Grzegorz Grzybek
  • Jon Austen
  • Mark Lehky
  • Michael Ottati
  • Marc Paquette
  • Thomas Bouffard
  • Tilman Liero
  • Vincent Frison
  • Willem Salembier

Springtime in Stockholm

As you know if you read these posts regularly - the long dark Swedish winter-weather has been getting me down. And here in Stockholm we haven’t even had much snow to brighten up the landscape. But now, the days are getting longer and brighter, spring doesn’t feel very far off, so spirits are lifting and mood is improving. What a great time to release SoapUI 5.0!

Matti Hjelm
Product Owner


The API Testing Dojo Released

Huzzah! Today we have released our API Testing Dojo! This is a free online resource packed with articles and information which pertains to – you guessed it! - API testing!

The Dojo is organized into three sections:

- The World of API Testing, which teaches you about this unique domain. Learn about things like Why Test in the first place, DevOps Trends, SOAP vs. REST Challenges, and much more.

- Best Practices, which teaches you some of the leading best practices and know-how on how you should be doing things like Structuring Your Tests, Working With Data, Authentication, and more.

- Testing Katas, which are short exercises you can perform to hone your skills in API Testing, and put the knowledge you learn in the Dojo to the test.

What’s great about all the information in the Dojo is that everything is tool agnostic. This means that the knowledge you gain can be leveraged regardless of what tools you use, be it SoapUI or any other testing tool.

Head on over to the API Testing Dojo now and check it out for yourself.


4.6.4 is out!

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Do I need to keep counting?

Since the last message from me, two new versions of SoapUI has been released!

SoapUI 4.6.3 was released just before Christmas, and only moments ago 4.6.4 was released.

I’m very proud to congratulate the team of the now seemingly constant flow of new releases!

The hunter becomes the hunted

Even though the new versions are ticking in, a major focus for the team is working on SoapUI 5.0. In fact, the team now works so fast I’m starting to feel like I’m the hunted one. I feel I need to groom the backlog faster now to keep up with an increased speed and pace of the SoapUI development team.

Product Advisory Board

Let me present the SoapUI Product Advisory Board.

This group of experienced SoapUI users are helping me get valuable feedback into SoapUI 5. Some of them have been active helpers on the SoapUI Forums, so chances are you have already communicated with them around various topics.

This is a group, together with the information that we get from you via surveys and user feedback, that I am working closely with to make sure that we are delivering features in SoapUI that make sense to our users. We want to make sure we release things that actually help you solve the problems you face when testing, and that make your day-to-day interactions with SoapUI easier.

Finally less dark

On a lighter note (pun intended), according to my super cool Chronometer App, we are now heading for lighter times in the North, and since we now also have some snow, the dark is not as dark anymore, so the Winter seems a lot bearable. I just hope the coming spring won’t affect the development speed too much :-)