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SoapUI Pro by SmartBear Earns DataWeek + API World 2014 Award

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SoapUI Pro, the most used API testing tool in the world, has been honored with a DataWeek + API World 2014 Award for the Most Innovative DevOps API Solution. SoapUI Pro was selected by crowd vote, where thousands of DevNetwork community members voted on the top Data + API technologies of 2014.


SoapUI Pro 5.1 released today!

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Finally summer! This means (at least in Sweden) that a lot of people are on vacation, something very well deserved for our developers who have just finished the new release of SoapUI Pro! SoapUI Pro 5.1 is released today – hooray!

JSON enhancements

The new release adds full JSON support, so now you don’t have to be an XML expert anymore to create assertions on properties buried deep down in a JSON message. You can now use JSON Paths instead of XML Paths.


Apart from that we are adding a plugin manager that greatly simplifies installing plugins. Just point and click! It is also dramatically easier to write plugins – you can now write them as a single Groovy script file – keep an eye on our website for an upcoming webinar on the subject!

Other improvements

Apart from bug fixes we have improved the license handling to streamline the registration process, added in-app-analytics which, if you allow it, collects anonymous data that can help us find out how features are used (and not used) so we can improve SoapUI more efficiently. For trial users we also added new content on the starter page that hopefully will help you try the Pro features quicker.

Now I hope you also get some well-deserved time off to load your own batteries and come back to explore the new features of SoapUI.

There’s a lot more to come in the autumn!

Matti Hjelm
SoapUI Product Owner, SmartBear


Get Certified Now!

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Today we release a certification and online training program for SoapUI. Now you can leverage your deep knowledge of SoapUI by taking the online exam and become a certified SoapUI User!

We have prepared a test with 60 questions designed to let you prove your proficiency of SoapUI. Seasoned users should be able to answer the quiz in less than one hour.

If you are a less experienced SoapUI user, you can still get started on the journey to becoming certified SoapUI Pro user. We also offer an On Demand Video Training course that you can take to prepare for certification.

So, whether you are testing yourself or an API: Happy testing!

Matti Hjelm
SoapUI Product Owner, SmartBear


SoapUI 5.0 released today!

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I am truly happy to announce that SoapUI 5.0 was released 9th of April!

The three main features of SoapU 5.0 are: OAuth 2.0 support, REST Mocking and last but not least: REST Discovery! Since the September 2013 release of SoapUI 4.6, starting the REST in Progress improvements, the team has been churning out bug fixes and various improvements, while simultaneously completing the features of SoapUI 5.0. Read more here!

REST Discovery lets you easily record and capture API requests, with one-click creation of test suites for testing the API, and even create mocks (light weight simulations) of the API you just recorded!

The team deserves my full admiration for the accomplishment, and also a little rest.

SoapUI 5.1 coming soon!

But only a little, because the work on SoapUI 5.1 needs to be started right away! SoapUI 5.1 will complete the REST improvements finalizing the REST In progress theme we started with SoapUi 4.6 in September.

Additions like advanced point-and-click dispatcher for REST Mocking, and native JSON support will be added.

Feedback welcome!

Take your chance and send us feedback on SoapUI 5.0! Maybe your suggestion will make it into SoapUI 5.1?

If you send us good ideas on how to improve e.g. the REST Mocking dispatcher maybe your specific suggestion makes it into SoapUI 5.1.

Please be very specific when you suggest changes or find bugs. The more context information and practical examples of how you expect something to work, the faster we can implement it. The more background information we get, the better we can help solve the problems you are facing.

Send your suggestions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or post them at, in the Feature Request Board.

Happy testing!

Matti Hjelm
SoapUI Product Owner, SmartBear


SoapUI 5.0 Beta!

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I'm happy to announce a Beta version of SoapUI Pro 5.0 is available for download.

We would love to get feedback from current SoapUI users to make SoapUI Pro 5.0 great! You can report any bugs found to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SoapUI 5.0 has awesome new features like OAuth 2.0 support and REST Mocking. For Pro users we also added REST Discovery, a cool way of recording a Web API and quickly get the corresponding API definitions and Test suite added to SoapUI. Add REST Mocking to that and you can get to a simulation what you just recorded. So getting from an undocumented API to a test suite for it, and also a simulation of it is now easier than ever! SoapUI 5.0 will be released in the beginning of April if all goes according to plan.

Find the download info for Open Source version here.

and for the Pro version here.

Happy Testing!

Matti Hjelm
SoapUI Product Owner, SmartBear