API monitoring
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Free API Monitoring tool! Make sure the APIs you rely on don’t compromise your application’s performance.


Create tests for your APIs in SoapUI and repurpose them as robust API monitors.

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Bring the power of SoapUI and AlertSite together to monitor your APIs and any third-party APIs you might be using.


Automatically measure API performance on a regular schedule, so you know how all of your APIs function under different user conditions.

The APIs you choose or build define your application and user experience, so it’s vital to make sure your application is stable in production at the API level. API Monitoring for AlertSite is the first API monitoring tool that allows you choose which APIs you want to monitor, regardless of where those APIs are managed or who created them.

With AlertSite for API Monitoring, you can:

  • Reuse SoapUI projects to build robust API monitors.
  • Monitor API availability and performance in production every hour from a different location (on a rotating basis)
  • Receive regular reports including a Daily Summary, Detail Report, and Benchmark Report.
  • Ensure users have quality experiences with your APIs.