Bisnode Case Study

BisnodeSmartBear recently interviewed Mattias Oldenburg, System Architect of Bisnode Kredit based in Sweden to discuss the benefits the company receives from SoapUI Pro. With an easy-to-use graphical interface, SoapUI Pro allows Bisnode Kredit application developers to rapidly create and execute automated Web services, REST services, and load tests. In a single test environment, SoapUI Pro provides Bisnode Kredit with complete test coverage and supports all standard protocols and technologies.

How long has Bisnode Kredit relied on SoapUI Pro?

We’ve used SoapUI Pro for approximately six years. We were actually the first SoapUI Pro customer and played a major role in helping develop the tool.

What role does SoapUI Pro play in your operations?

We use SoapUI Pro primarily as a tool to identify and validate if there are any performance problems with our Web services and REST services applications early in the development process. We need to ensure our customers can easily integrate our applications, which help them measure the credit-worthiness of their potential customers before engaging in business transactions. Another area in which we rely heavily on SoapUI Pro is its MockService functionality. This feature lets us create standards-compliant simulations of WSDL-based services from the WSDL contract. We can run this either directly from inside SoapUI Pro with the included command-line runner or with a standard servlet container.

What specific functions does SoapUI Pro fulfill?

The MockService component is particularly helpful for testing our SOA architecture and allows our developers to work with application user-interfaces before we complete application back-end components. This is very useful given our contract-first policy. Another important function takes place through our product department, which recommends SoapUI Pro as a core tool to our customers as an easier way to leverage our integration Web services. The SoapUI Pro interface provides the perfect balance for customers with non-technical and technical end users because it’s extremely easy to create test cases. Non-technical customers can use our drag-and-drop functionality, but hard-core developers also appreciate the tool. They can opt to type in code to test additional code details.

Does SoapUI Pro also help from a programming perspective?

Yes. For example, SoapUI Pro is also part of our Maven plug-in build process. Through SoapUI Pro, we define requests and responses after which we enable the Maven archetypes. After we run integration builds within Maven, we run tests against the builds based on what we defined within SoapUI Pro.

What has been the most useful SoapUI Pro feature for your business?

The fact that SoapUI Pro makes it easy for both technical and non-technical customers to interact with our integration Web services is a huge plus. This feature expands the market of customers we can work with and makes their experience using our integration services much more productive. It’s also helpful that in addition to Web services, SoapUI Pro also has an interface that lets us test REST (Representational State Transfer) services. This is important since more and more customers are asking for REST services as an alternative to Web services.

Have you considered any other API testing tools and why do you continue to rely on SoapUI Pro?

We have looked at other API testing tools, but most of them are not as simple to use, and many try to provide too many other capabilities rather than focusing on testing and helping with UI builds. In developing SoapUI Pro, SmartBear focuses on creating and executing automated Web services and load tests. This focus allows them to make the tool more powerful and easy-to-use. Another key aspect that reduces development costs is that SmartBear does a great job with version control when issuing new versions of SoapUI Pro. The new versions are always compatible with the work we have done using previous versions, so we don’t have to worry about reworking any previous tests we created.

How do you measure the ROI Bisnode Kredit has received from SoapUI Pro?

SoapUI Pro helps drive revenue for us by making it much easier for our customers to use our integration solutions. The software also helps us retain customers by serving as a strategic tool for integration testing. We can ensure any applications we roll out to our customers are ready to perform at the levels our customers require.