Project TestSuites Tab

NOTE: Some UI elements and options are only available in standalone SoapUI Pro that has been replaced with ReadyAPI. To try them, feel free to download a SoapUI Pro trial from our website.

Project TestSuites Tab Reference



  Option Description
icon-one Toolbar Provide overall control of project testsuite tab
icon-two Testsuite Tab  
icon-three Description Provides a description of the test suite
icon-four Properties Provides access to test suite properties
icon-five Setup Script Editor  
icon-six TearDown Script Editor  
icon-seven TestSuite Log Display Testsuite data in a log inspector



icon-loadtest-toolbar Toolbar

run Run the selected TestCases
stop_testcase Cancel ongoing Testcase
sequential The selected testcase(s) are run in sequence
parallell The selected testcase(s) are run in parallel
export Creates a report for this item
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icon-settings-tab Testsuite Tab

Option Menu

When you do a right click on the empty area inside the testsuite tab.


icon-options-dialogOption Menu

Option Shortcut
Add WSDL Ctrl-U / Cmd - U
Add WADL Ctrl-F / Cmd - F
New REST Service  
Launch TestRunner  
Launch LoadTestRunner  
Launch SOAP Monitor  
New Testsuite Ctrl-T / Cmd - T
New MockService Ctrl-O / Cmd - O
Rename F2
Remove Delete
Reload Project F5
Close Project  
Save Project Ctrl-S / Cmd - S
Save Project As Ctrl-Shift-S
Import Test Suite  
Import Mock Service  
Deploy As War  
Start HermesJMS  
Online Help F1

Option Menu

When you do a right-click on each testsuite inside the testsuite tab.


icon-options-dialog Option Menu

Option Keyboard Shortcut
New TestSuite  
Show TestSuite Editor Enter
Disable TestSuite  
New TestCase Ctrl + N / Cmd - N
Clone TestSuite F9
Launch TestRunner Ctrl + V / Cmd - V
Rename F2
Remove Delete
Move TestSuite Up Ctrl + Up / Cmd - Up
Move TestSuite Down Ctrl + Down / Cmd - Down
Import Test Case  
Online Help F1

icon-settings-tab Project Coverage



icon-loadtest-toolbar Toolbar

Icon Option
  Enable Coverage
clear_properties Reset the coverge table
options Set Coverage Options

icon-properties-table Table

Option Description
Contract Coverage  

icon-settings-tab More Tabs

Option Description
Message Coverage  
Message Content  

icon-settings-tab Script

Option Description
Setup Script Script editor that setup what is required before the Testsuite
TearDown Script Script editor that teardown what is required after the TestSuite

Script Editor

Option Menu


icon-options-dialog Option menu

Option Description Shortcut
Undo Undo an action Ctrl-Z / Cmd - Z
Redo Redo an action Ctrl-Y / Cmd - Y
Cut Cut an item in the editor Ctrl-X / Cmd - X
Copy Copy an item in the editor Ctrl-C / Cmd - C
Paste Paste an item in the editor Ctrl-V / Cmd - V
Clear Clear items in the editor  
Select All Select all items Ctrl-A / Cmd - A
Find / Replace Find and replace a text in the editor F3
Go To Line Go to the line number in the editor Ctrl-Alt-L
Show Line Numbers 232 Alt - L

Testsuite Log



icon-loadtest-toolbar Toolbar

Icon Option
clear_properties Clear the log
options Set the TestCase Log options
export Export this log to a file

More Logs


icon-settings-tab More logs

Label Option
icon-one soapUI log
icon-two http log
icon-three jetty log
icon-four error log
icon-five wsrm log
icon-six memory log

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