Manual TestStep Reference

Manual Test Step

The Manual TestStep is used when we want manual user interaction inside the test. Some examples:

1. Start up devices like cellphones (manual step)
2. press some button on device or perform action on website (manual step)
3. make some HTTP/SOAP/REST call (soapui step)
4. Check database / logs for manual action verification (soapUI test step)

In soapUI we have a Manual test step that provide ability  for user interaction in testing;
Manual test step  details/behavior:
User can specify a description, expected results, actual result.
When the test case execution reaches a Manual test step, the user is prompted with a pop up.
The user can add details to actual results, and specify pass/fail/N/A radio button for the test step status.
User click on continue, soapui goes to next step.

These tests cases which have manual test steps, are skipped when launching via testrunner since no way to interact with pop ups.

Creating Manual Test Step

Add Manual test step

  Option Description
1_snag_evi Test Step Name  
2_snag_evi Description Description of manual test step
3_snag_evi Expected Result Description of expected result

Running Manual Test Step

Running Manual test step

Option Description
Description Description of test step
Expected Result Description of expected result
Result Result for this test step
URL list List of URLs where one can specify images, etc that describe the failure
Result Status Set the status of the result