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Overview - Run TestCase

Run TestCase window

  Option Description
1_snag_evi Main Toolbar  
2_snag_evi TestCase Properties Toolbar  
3_snag_evi Properties List A table containing the same properties as the target TestCase. Only the property values are editable
4_snag_evi TestCase Log Toolbar  
5_snag_evi TestCase Log A TestCase Log inspector showing the output of the last run

Main Run TestCase Toolbar

Run TestCase main toolbar

Option Description
run Runs the TestCase
Stop testcase Stops running this TestCase
Options Sets options
testCase Opens the targets TestCases editor

icon-options-dialog Run TestCase Options

Run TestCase options

Option Description
Target TestCase Selects the TestCase to run
Target TestSuite Selects the containing TestSuite to run
Return Properties Selects the returning properties from a list of available properties in target TestCase
Run Mode Selects the running mode of the TestCase
Copy LoadTest Properties Copies LoadTest related properties to target context
Copy HTTP Session Copies HTTP related properties to target context
Ignore Empty Properties Do not set empty TestCase property values

TestCase Properties Toolbar

Run TestCase properties toolbar

Option Description
Clear Properties Clears the current property values
Set properties source Loads property values from an external file
set_properties_target Saves current property values to a file

TestCase Log Toolbar

Run TestCase log toolbar

Option Description
Clear Properties Clears the log
Options Sets TestCase log options
Export Exports this log to a file

icon-options-dialogTestCase Log Options

Run TestCase log options

Option Description
Max Rows Sets the maximum number of rows to keep in the log
Errors Only Logs only TestStep errors in the log
Follow Follow log content

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