Installing SoapUI Pro Renewal License

This page relates to standalone ReadyAPI, which has been replaced by ReadyAPI in the ReadyAPI family.
To try the new functionality, feel free to download a ReadyAPI trial.

1. Renewing your License

If you have purchased a renewal license from us, simply navigate to Help -> Update License.

Renewing your license

In the next window browse to your renewal license and click 'OK'.

If you ran into any issues during license activation, please contact our support.

2. Installing your renewal license on a machine without a license to begin with

If you do not have an expired license installed you will need to follow the steps below. When you open ReadyAPI without an active or expired license, you should see the following prompt:

Click on "Browse..." and locate your Expired license file, it could be a .key file (most recent license model) or a .lic file (older license model). Please make sure that the expired license that you are using is not a renewal license. If you cannot locate your original license please Click here to open a support ticket

You should receive a message letting you know that this license is expired. Accept the message

You will receive a second message asking if you want to install your renewal, click on yes unless you want to switch to "Courtesy mode"

You should receive a prompt for your license file now. Browse for your renewal license and click on "OK"

Accept the license agreement and you should be good to go!!!

If you ran into any issues during license activation, please contact our support.