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“If it was not for ReadyAPI, I would have had to add over four people to the team. With ReadyAPI, I was able to conduct my project in 12 months using just two people.”

Bill Turner, VP of Quality and Support for Aras Corporation

Protocols change. Testing needs don’t.

Multiple Capabilities, One Platform

Conduct functional, security, and performance tests in a one centralized interface

Automate End-to-End API Testing

Streamline testing workflows right inside your CI/CD pipeline

Testing Simplified

Test SOAP, REST, & GraphQL APIs, databases, and microservices with ease

Shift Left & Speed Up

Easily design, configure, and deploy virtual APIs in just minutes

How HDS Used ReadyAPI to Reduce API Test Set-up Time More Than 80%

Background: Healthcare Data Solutions (HDS) aggregates large data sets from healthcare providers and other healthcare organizations. The APIs that the HDS software team develops for these applications play a critical role in how effectively the information-delivery systems perform.
The Challenge: When testing APIs, the software QA team at HDS found that the time to test multiple data sets, set up testing artifacts, and then diagnose the root causes of issues impeded its ability to release software updates on schedule.
How ReadyAPI helps: Regression testing the same situations across multiple environments — development, QA/staging, and production— used to require a lot of manual work. But with the ReadyAPI environment, HDS can quickly switch the same tests to run against any environment.