Latest release notes

SoapUI Open Source 5.3

Released 5th December 2016

Major New Features

  1. Integrate your tests with SwaggerHub: SoapUI now has improved integration with SwaggerHub. You can import swagger definitions from SwaggerHub and create tests. 
  2. Enhanced OAuth support: We have improved OAuth and added OAuth 1 support. OAuth 2 support was already available in SoapUI.
  3. Improved support for OAuth 2. SoapUI now supports two additional grant types: Resource Owner Password Credentials and Client Credentials.
  4. A new feature by krzysbaranski: Support for Server Name Indication (SNI) in TLS/SSL requests.
  5. A new feature by BoukeNijhuis: The XQuery Match assertion now supports the "Ignore namespace prefix" and "Ignore XML Comments" options.
  6. A new feature by smithk86: The Set Endpoint dialog now displays endpoints in alphabetical order.
  7. Many thanks to Krzysztof, Bouke and Kyle for their efforts!
  8. The design of some buttons has been updated.
  9. The SoapUI icon on Mac OS X has been updated.

Bundled Plugin

  1. Import your Postman collections: If you have been using Postman to check your API endpoints so far, you can bring your work over to SoapUI by importing your Postman collections.
  2. The Postman plugin is now included in the SoapUI installation package. You use this plugin to import Postman collections and tests to SoapUI. 

Bug Fixes

  1. TestRunner displayed the "Usage statistics" dialog upon starting. To close this dialog, you had to click any button in it, which was inconvenient for automated test runs. 
  2. The JDBC Request test step converted all SQL column names in responses to upper case. This could cause issues when comparing the response contents with baseline data. 
  3. The SLA assertion did not support property expansions.
  4. It was impossible to send requests to a secured web service through a proxy server. The simulated requests did not contain the proxy user credentials. 
  5. The Groovy Script assertion called by the JDBC Request test step always returned an error "null".
  6. The context menu of the XML editor had duplicated "Select All" items. 
  7. The Properties test step failed to load the properties, whose names ended with a backslash (\), from a file.
  8. A NoSuchMethodException exception could occur when creating a project from WSDL.
  9. A bug fix by BoukeNijhuis: In certain cases, the Recently Used tab could disappear from the Assertions dialog.
  10. A bug fix by bearsoftware: The Request URL property of the HTTP Request test step did not allow capital letters. 
  11. A bug fix by kekemonster: Multiple concurrent requests to a mock service could cause the HTTP 500 error.
  12. Many thanks to Bouke Nijhuis, bearsoftware and kekemonster for contribution!