Latest Release Notes

SoapUI Open Source 5.4

Released 27th November 2017

Overall Improvements

  • SoapUI 5.4 uses Apache Commons Collections library version 3.2.2 that fixes a security vulnerability.
  • SoapUI now uses Java 1.8.

  • An improvement by DonnyDepp: The window borders are now thicker, so it is easier to resize windows by dragging their borders.

Bug Fixes

  • A bug fix by vimil: When a response returned redirect status codes, SoapUI always simulated a GET request to the new address. Now, if the initial request uses the POST method, SoapUI simulates a POST request.

Discontinued Support

  • LoadUI integration has been removed from SoapUI. To create and run advanced load tests, use LoadUI Pro, which is part of the ReadyAPI application suite.