Latest Release Notes

SoapUI Open Source 5.5

Released 12th February 2019

Overall Improvements

  • SoapUI 5.5 introduces the Endpoint Explorer dialog. Use it to send exploratory requests and analyze responses without creating a project.
  • SoapUI now supports extended HTTP methods: PROPFIND, LOCK, UNLOCK, COPY, PURGE.
  • Now, if you try to open a project created in a later SoapUI version or in ReadyAPI, SoapUI will notify you about this.
  • SoapUI now requires Java 8 update 112 or higher.

Bug Fixes

  • An invalid name was set for a custom test step.
  • A bug fix by modax: WS-Security did not support Strict Layout Rules.
  • A bug fix by xgcssch: When a refresh token was used to update an OAuth 2.0 access token, the refresh token was not updated.
  • A bug fix by arykov: Symlinks to did not work.