Latest Release Notes

SoapUI Open Source 5.7.2

Released 7th November 2023

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a vulnerability related to ZipSlip attack (Path Traversal) and made some updates by removing references to previous State of Software Quality API surveys.

SoapUI Open Source 5.7.1

Released 1st August 2023

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed an issue where SoapUI version 5.6.0 and 5.7.0 would not install or open on certain machines including Mac OS Ventura. There were issues with an expired Apple Certificate and previous bundled JRE environment. We have signed the new version with updated Apple Certificate and also updated the bundled JRE environment to Liberica version 16.0.2+7. These updates which resolves this issue for Mac users and the application now installs properly. Windows and Linux versions also received updates to the bundled JRE environment.

SoapUI Open Source 5.7.0

Released 12th January 2021

The new release includes support for GraphQL APIs and offers other improvements that make API testing more convenient and powerful.

GraphQL Support

Now you can test GraphQL services. To do this, use the new GraphQL Request test step. To learn more, see GraphQL Testing.

Docker support

SmartBear introduces a pre-configured Docker image, so now you can run SoapUI functional tests in isolated Docker containers.

Built-in OpenAPI (Swagger) support

Now, to work with OpenAPI/Swagger definitions, you do not need to use plugins. SoapUI supports it out-of-the-box. Additionally, we've improved integrations with SwaggerHub to make it even more convenient.

Overall improvements

  • Support for OpenJDK 16.

  • Now, SoapUI opens a response editor that matches the response content type. For example, it opens JSON editor if response has JSON content.

  • We've updated a number of third-party libraries, including the following:

    • Apache Log4j library to 2.17.1.

    • Jayway jsonpath to 2.4.0.

  • Now, SoapUI Open Source stores log files to the <User Directory>/.soapuios/logs directory. Previously, they were stored in the SoapUI installation directory, which could cause issues on Windows computers.

  • A new feature by modax: Now, you can run SoapUI Open Source build from the Travis-CI.

Fixed bugs

  • When proxy is set to None, usage of the ProxySelector class leads to the NullPointerException.

  • The value of the Start Step property of the SOAP Mock Response could reset to the default value in some cases.

  • A bug fix by stevendjames: When you used Query/Match filter in the SOAP Mock Response test step, the ClassCastException could occur.

  • A bug fix by MagnoCorrea: Names of the exported WSDL definitions with schema references could be too long. Now, such names are shorter and easier to work with.

  • A bug fix by stevann7: REST mock services did not show details of the message when you double-click it in the Message Log panel.

  • A bug fix by modax: In some cases, when you assigned a new endpoint to requests with the specific endpoint in the Service Endpoints panel, SoapUI did not apply it.

  • A bug fix by clynton: The NullPointerException could occur if you did not add the runBeforeSteps event listener to the project.