Latest release notes

SoapUI Open Source 5.2

Released 2015-07-02

Major New Features

  • You can use 4 new JSONPath-based assertions:
    • JsonPath Count - Calculates the number of element occurrences in a JSON response.
    • JsonPath Existence Match - Extracts data from a JSON response and compares it with an expected value.
    • JsonPath Match - Checks if a JSON response contains specific node.
    • JsonPath RegEx Match - Extracts data from a JSON response and verifies it with a regular expression. You can find the new assertions in the Add Assertions dialog, in the Property Content assertion group.
  • You can create new empty projects (in earlier versions, projects had to be based on WSDL or WADL, or URI).


  • New look inspired by Ready! API.
  • Support for Java 6 has been dropped. To run SoapUI, now you need to have Java 7 on your computer. The SoapUI installation package includes Java 7 modules, so if you use the installer, you do not have to download and install additional files.
  • Old-style icons have been replaced with newer icons.

Bundled Plugins

The SoapUI installation package includes the following plugins:

  • MQTT plugin - Enables IOT testing of MQTT services.
  • Swagger plugin - Enables loading and saving of Swagger interface descriptions.
  • AlertSite UXM plugin - Enables distributed monitoring of APIs.

Bugs Fixed

  • The JMS Timeout assertion did not work.
  • SoapUI failed to find attachments specified by 'xop:Include href'.
  • SoapUI failed to load plugins when you run tests with testrunner.bat and the current directory differed from \bin.
  • The "Help > Privacy Policy" menu item did not open any web page. Now it opens
  • In the Property Transfer test step editor, it was possible to add two items with the same name to the Transfers list.
  • When you resized the "Contain" assertion edit window, the text in that window did not resize appropriately.
  • The Overview tab of the REST Interface editor displayed "WSDL Definition" instead of "WADL Definition".
  • There was a misprint in the SoapUI Preferences > WSDL Settings screen.