Managing Workspaces in SoapUI

When working with SoapUI, all visible projects are part of the current workspace. You can add as many projects as you want to a workspace, but can also easily switch between different workspaces allowing you to have different testing setups (for different systems, clients, etc).

To create a new workspace, select the “New Workspace” option from the File menu this will prompt for a name and file for the workspace and then open it:


leads to


Now you can add new or existing projects to this workspace via the global File menu or the Workspace nodes’ right button menu.

Switching between workspace is equally easy; select the Switch Workspace option from the File menu and specify the workspace file you want to switch to, or just use the Recent->Workspaces option from the File menu:


Selecting the previously used “My Workspace” workspace automatically closes the current workspace (prompting to save any open projects on the way) and opens the new one: