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SmartBear Academy - Load Testing with SoapUI

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This is a free SoapUI training class hosted by SoapUI Technical Engineer, Temil Sanchez. It covers the basics of load testing using SoapUI.

Learn about:

  • The fundamentals of load testing your API
  • Creating a load test from a SoapUI test case
  • Load testing strategies like 'Baseline' and 'Soak'
  • Setting up the right validations for your load tests using assertions

SmartBear Academy - API Monitoring with SoapUI

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This is a free SoapUI training class hosted by AlertSite Technical Engineer, John Lucania. It covers the basics of API Monitoring using SoapUI.

You'll learn to:

  • Explore a journey through an API
  • Create an API Test Case and assert for correctness
  • Upload and configure API Monitor
  • Determine how API failures are presented in the AlertSite console

SmartBear Academy - API Mocking with SoapUI 

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This course covers the basics of API mocking using SoapUI. You'll learn about the benefits of doing mocking, and how to get started in SoapUI. We'll also teach you a little bit about API virtualization, a strategy we refer to as "mocking on steroids."

Learn how mocking can help you to:

  • Reduce Time to Market; Remove dependencies between teams Overcome location issues
  • Control API Conditions Predictable and manageable test responses; Simulate bad conditions (or edge cases)
  • Reduce External Costs Virtualize API to overcome service charges; Overcome API rate limits, downtime or throttling

SmartBear Academy - API Functional Testing with SoapUI

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This hour-long free SoapUI training class will help you get started with testing your REST and SOAP APIs in SoapUI.

What you will learn:

  • Importing your APIs
  • Structuring Your Tests
  • Validating Your Responses
  • Advanced testing with SoapUI Pro