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SoapUI Pro 2.1 released!

Aug 1 - 2017 15:22

SmartBear has released version 2.1 of the ReadyAPI suite of tools — including updates to SoapUI Pro, LoadUI Pro, ServiceV Pro, and VirtServer.

Today, we've made ReadyAPI 2.1 available for download. With this new version, we've added or enhanced many features for each of the tools within the ReadyAPI suite — many of which were suggested by our amazing customers. Our vision continues to focus on helping your team delivery high quality, strong performing, secure APIs, as fast as possible.

You can find all the details about new featuers in the ReadyAPI 2.1 release notes. Additionally, if you'd like to share any feedback or request a new feature, please visit the ReadyAPI online community.

You can download the latest version here.

Cheers to API quality!!!

/Gail Shlansky

Product Owner, Ready! API

SoapUI 5.3 is here!

Dec 5 - 2016 08:58

We are super excited to announce the new version of SoapUI! 

This release comes with the following exciting new features and a number of bug fixes.

Integrate your tests with SwaggerHub: SoapUI now has improved integration with SwaggerHub. You can import swagger definitions from SwaggerHub and create tests. Once you are done working on your tests and are ready to publish the API in the SwaggerHub registry, you can do so with just a few clicks from SoapUI. READ MORE
Import your Postman collections: If you have been using Postman to check your API endpoints so far, you can bring your work over to SoapUI by importing your Postman collections. Now create rich API tests for functionality, performance and security. Create mocks for API not under your control. Expand the possibilities of integration of your REST API with other protocols like SOAP and JMS. READ MORE
Enhanced OAuth support: We have improved OAuth and added OAuth 1 support. OAuth 2 support was already available in SoapUI. READ MORE
Other than the above changes a number of bug corrections and minor improvements have been done in this new release, For example: Property Expansion now works in the SLA assertion.

You can download the latest version here.

As usual, we've had help from many external contributors. Special thanks to the following champions of SoapUI:

Bouke Nijhuis



Thanks for all your support!

- The SoapUI Team


SoapUI NG 1.9 released!

Oct 19 - 2016 09:35

A new release of Ready! API (including SoapUI NG Pro, LoadUI NG Pro, Secure Pro, ServiceV Pro, VirtServer and TestServer) is available now.

Major productivity improvements were made for SoapUI NG Pro, which now supports Groovy script debugging to quickly customize test. Additional enhancements to the tool include: new assertions to validate response headers, “pretty print” property for the JDBC Request tests step, and an option to set default values for new test case properties, in order to create test cases faster.

This release includes added functionality for all the products in Ready! API (load testing, virtualizing APIs, security testing and creating tests via code). More details can be found in the Ready! API 1.9 release notes.

Cheers to API quality!!!

/Gail Shlansky

Product Owner, Ready! API

SoapUI NG 1.8 released!

Jul 20 - 2016 09:35

A new release of Ready! API (including SoapUI NG Pro, LoadUI NG Pro, Secure Pro, ServiceV Pro, VirtServer and TestServer!) is available now.

SoapUI NG Pro now supports OAuth 1.0! Of course, we’ve supported OAuth 2.0 in the product for a while. Our users, however, tell us that they continue to need to test services secured via OAuth 1.0, so we added it! We’ve also added the ability to import Postman collections so when you’re ready to start doing more comprehensive, multi-component testing, you can quickly get started with SoapUI NG Pro.

This release includes additional functionality for all the products in Ready! API (load testing, virtualizing APIs, security testing and creating tests via code). More details are in the release notes here:

Have fun!!!

/Gail Shlansky, PO Ready! API

SoapUI NG 1.7 released!

Apr 19 - 2016 10:01

3 months passes quickly, so it's time for yet another release of Ready! API!

Some notable features are the addition of support for OpenID and REST Virt Test Steps.

A cool new feature in LoadUI is a template wizard that gets you started with load testing in no time.

Happy testing!

/Matti Hjelm, PO SoapUI and LoadUI

SoapUI NG 1.6 released!

Feb 18 - 2016 03:19

Ready! API 1.6 includes SoapUI NG 1.6 with better support for larger projects.

Some of the new features include tags for filtering of testcases, filtering of test case logs, easier creation of properties in datasources and performance improvements for startup and running of large tests. 

The release notes of SoapUI NG 1.6 are here: 
Happy testing!

/Matti Hjelm, PO SoapUI and LoadUI

SoapUI NG 1.5 released!

Nov 11 - 2015 15:07

Ready! API 1.5: Memory improvements and Load testing in the cloud

In this release SoapUI NG gets a smaller memory footprint.
The release notes of SoapUI NG are here:
But - the most interesting stuff this time is actually in SoapUI’s sibling, LoadUI NG!
You can now easily use your TestCases of SoapUI NG to simulate massive amounts of virtual users from Amazon EC2 machines.
And we’ve added Conditional logging to help get detailed info about every request sent.
Happy load testing!

/Matti Hjelm, PO SoapUI and LoadUI

SmartBear and Ole Lensmar Celebrate SoapUI's 10th Birthday

Oct 23 - 2015 09:22

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SoapUI 5.2.1 + SwaggerHub

Oct 4 - 2015 23:00

Meet the minor update of SoapUI – version 5.2.1 – that includes a new SwaggerHub plugin, plus a number of improvements and bug fixes.

More Information on Changes

  • A new bundled SwaggerHub plugin that helps you easily import Swagger API definitions from SwaggerHub to your project and to export your APIs to SwaggerHub. (SOAPUIOS-152)

    About SwaggerHub »

    Using the plugin »

  • More efficient memory usage. (SOAPUIOS-154)

  • A new feature by Stanislaw Wozniak (a GitHub user with the nickname sponte): The test runner has a new setting that commands SoapUI to export test case properties to JUnit-style reports. You can find the new “Export JUnit Results with test properties” check box on the Reports tab of the dialog, in which you specify the test runner's properties before the run. To enable this functionality from the command line, use the new -J command-line argument. (SOAPUIOS-156)

  • A bug fix by Marc Paquette (marcpa00 in GitHub): Earlier versions of SoapUI doubled messages sent to the console log from Groovy code. Marc has fixed this. (SOAPUIOS-157)

Many thanks to Stanislaw and Marc for their efforts!

  • More bug fixes:

    • The UXM AlertSite plugin did not add the "Monitor APIs" item to the product’s menu. (SOAPUIOS-166)

    • An error ("Access mode for wsi-test-tools scripts couldn't be set") could occur when installing the product on Linux. (SOAPUIOS-161)

    • Running WS-I Compliance for a SOAP service could cause an exception. (SOAPUIOS-158)

SoapUI NG 1.4 released!

Aug 18 - 2015 06:24

1.4 - The Test History Release

Of all the new stuff in Ready! API 1.4, maybe the most important is the Test Execution history! This allows you to save your test runs to see what tests you've performed over time, and also compare the latest test run with previous runs!

More stuff!

Other improvements include the ability to access your API definitions from all tools (not just in the Project tool), a new JMS Test Step, mass cloning and moving of Test Steps to name a few.

Bundled plugins

On the plugin side we are now bundling the Swagger plugin with the installer as well as the MQTT plugin for IOT testing and UXM (AlertSite) plugin for API monitoring.


LoadUI NG Pro now supports having multiple test targets in scenarios, in addition to having multiple scenarios. The Targets can be looped, and also be single requests.

The load can also be allocated across multiple scenarios, using relative, equal or set load per scenario.


ServiceV has added the ability to route incoming requests to a "real" API, modifying some of the routed responses.
You can find the release notes here.

Happy testing!
/Matti Hjelm, PO SoapUI

SoapUI 5.2 release

Jul 2 - 2015 03:42

Summertime and a new version of SoapUI Open Source, can it be better?


This time we’ve added JSON based assertions and bundled three plugins that I think you’ll love!


The Swagger plugin supports both Swagger 1.X and 2.0 and allows you to import and export Swagger definitions for testing, mocking and securing your Swagger-defined REST APIs. To use it create a new empty project and right-click on the project in the navigation tree to import from Swagger.


The MQTT plugin adds three new Test steps to support IOT testing, and the Alertsite Plugin helps allows you to monitor your API.


The AlertSite Connector allows you to re-use your existing test cases and create monitors that can be run from AlertSite’s global network of nodes or from inside your firewall.

Oh, by the way, there are some new nice icons as well.


Have a nice testing summer!
Matti Hjelm, Product Owner SoapUI

Beta Release of SoapUI 5.2 (Open Source)

Jun 11 - 2015 08:00

Today we publish a beta release of SoapUI 5.2 (Open Source).
You can download it here

If you want to try it out, we would love to get feedback!
So IF you want, please tell us what you think about it on the SoapUI Open Source forum:

Happy testing!

Ready! API 1.3 is out

May 7 - 2015 07:24

1.3 - The Secure Pro Release

We’ve just release Ready! API 1.3 and this one is also full of new stuff. Since the release of Ready! API 1, where we took SoapUI Pro to the next step in usability and features, we’ve added capabilities at a unprecedented pace. This does not change in 1.3, I’m proud of the value we’ve added to this release, for the Ready! API user there’s so much to discover and use.

New Tool: Secure Pro

Talking to our communication with the community we’ve heard a lot about security concerns for APIs and the lack of an easy to use security testing tool. We’ve also seen a number of security breaches for API’s, and these two together convinced me we had to extend the capabilities of the Secure tool in Ready! API. In 1.3 we’ve added a number of features for REST Security as Pro Features as well as R!A looking for those pesky configuration files you forget to delete. We’ve also updated the usability vastly for you who use Secure Base version.

SoapUI NG: Data Generation and More 

SoapUI NG, our flagship also got a huge upgrade. We’ve added a number of things that will make your testing easier. First we’ve added Data Generation. There’s been a large number of requests for Test Data Management, something that you usually will find in large and expensive tools. As a first step we’ve added the ability to generate data of specific types for your tests.  

LoadUI NG: Distribution and Monitors

LoadUI NG got a huge upgrade as well. In 1.3 we’ve added both the ability to distribute load to load Agents as well as the ability to monitor server performance, that is understand how thread management works for your App Server when running load.


One of the most asked for features for ServiceV has been the ability to virtualize JMS APIs. I think that what we came up with is pretty impressive. You can now do sophisticated Virts with all the Ease of Use and Rapid Virtualization of ServiceV.

Integrations: Extending Ready! API 

That’s not all. On a Ready! API level we’ve also added a number of integrations that our community has asked for. For the integrations we’ve used our Plugin Architecture which allows you to rather easily hook into Ready! API, you should really try it out yourself, it’s a great way to add functionality to Read! API or to add integrations with other systems or tools. We’ve added Integrations with the following:

  • Git
    Save your composite Projects in Git or GitHub. The Git plugins is a great template for integrating with any SCM.

  • Jira
    Report Test results as Issues in Jira. Of course, the thought here is to use this as an issue tracker.

  • AlertSite
    We’ve also integrated with AlertSite which will allow you to run one Monitor of your live API for free. This means as a complement to your pre-deployment testing you can actually monitor that the API works post deployment.

  • TestComplete
    We’ve also integrated with our sister tool, TestComplete, which will allow you to run TC Tests from SoapUI NG. The TestComplete integration is not a Plugin and is available as a TestStep in SoapUI NG.

Let us know what you think!

We would love to know what you think and what features you need. Please go to our new forums on and let us know what features you need:

Open Source is back!

Mar 11 - 2015 09:00

Open Source is back!

A long-awaited return - SoapUI Open Source 

Since last year most of our development efforts have been focused on transforming SoapUI Pro into SoapUI NG Pro within the Ready!API family, and SoapUI Open Source had to take a back seat for a while. 

But after several successful releases of Ready! API we can now start to turn up the heat on the Open Source front as well. As a first step we are very happy to release the 5.1.2 version of SoapUI Open Source today!

A bright future - more Open Source

After this return to form, you can expect more versions with new features to appear in the coming months. As always, do not hesitate to let us know what you feel should be improved. Let us know!
One easy way to give us guidance is to allow SoapUI to send anonymous usage data. That way we can learn more about how SoapUI is used. 

Also don't miss the upcoming user survey, soon in your email inbox. Join in to get a chance to win a cool T-shirt! 

An important team member - you

As you are the reason we are doing all this, we want to continue to improve and expand the dialog with you, all our Open Source users. Please come and engage in the community forums at, or sign up for information updates and to get invites to user hangouts.

Happy testing,
Matti Hjelm, Product Owner SoapUI

SoapUI NG Pro

Oct 15 - 2014 14:13

SoapUI NG Pro - new features for SoapUI Pro users

SoapUI NG Pro is the latest version of SoapUI Pro, embedded in our new Ready! API Platform.

It is based on the core of SoapUI, so you can continue to use existing SoapUI Projects, using your current SoapUI Pro license.

Load testing and Security testing has been extracted to its own tools, making them easier to find, while Mocking has been replaced by the more advanced ServiceV tool.


Most wanted features added

Earlier we asked you, our users, to vote for new features to be added in SoapUI.

So in SoapUI Pro 5.0 we added REST Discovery, one of the most wanted features.

In SoapUI Pro 5.1 we improved the Plugin framework, also a highly requested feature.

Continuing to complete items on the requests list, in SoapUI NG Pro 1.0 we added Groovy Code completion and new test step types like Send Mail, XML-RPC, and Wait for file. REST Discovery now also supports https based recording using external clients.

There is also a number of bug fixes. For the complete list of new features and bug fixes, check the release notes here:

SoapUI NG Pro Release Notes


In the works

The upcoming version of SoapUI NG Pro will add more OAuth 2 flows and easier to use Data Sources. Expect it in a few weeks.

/Matti Hjelm, PO Soa

Are you Ready?

Oct 14 - 2014 14:14

New UX and New tools

Honestly, SoapUI needed a UI overhaul a long time ago.

When I became PO for SoapUI 1.5 years ago, the first thing I wanted to do was repackage the overcrowded UI. As I was new to SoapUI I found many points where redesign was needed. But other important stuff had to happen first - better support for REST, OAuth 2, REST Discovery and other major improvements. Which we did in SoapUI 4.6 and 5.0.

But now, finally, we've done it! We are releasing Ready!API today, which is a completely new user experience.

The UI has been "rebuilt from the ground up"*, and it is the first part of our journey towards delivering a complete end-to-end API quality enhancement tool, ultimately covering all aspects of API Platform testing.

Try it - you'll like it!

Give it a shot here - and you will discover how easy it is to switch between different aspects of testing your API. Go from functional testing to load testing, security testing and enjoy the totally new ServiceV - Service Virtualization made simple!

New development teams FTW!

And, last but not least, I'm really, really impressed by the development teams now spread over the world, from US to Sweden to Russia. The teams have been working very hard the last months, cooperating across time zones and getting great stuff done.

Have fun testing! Be Ready! /Matti Hjelm Product Owner SoapUI

*as any fruit-related company would say.