SoapUI 5.2 release

Summertime and a new version of SoapUI Open Source, can it be better?


This time we’ve added JSON based assertions and bundled three plugins that I think you’ll love!


The Swagger plugin supports both Swagger 1.X and 2.0 and allows you to import and export Swagger definitions for testing, mocking and securing your Swagger-defined REST APIs. To use it create a new empty project and right-click on the project in the navigation tree to import from Swagger.


The MQTT plugin adds three new Test steps to support IOT testing, and the Alertsite Plugin helps allows you to monitor your API.


The AlertSite Connector allows you to re-use your existing test cases and create monitors that can be run from AlertSite’s global network of nodes or from inside your firewall.

Oh, by the way, there are some new nice icons as well.


Have a nice testing summer!
Matti Hjelm, Product Owner SoapUI