SoapUI 1.4 released!

1.4 - The Test History Release

Of all the new stuff in Ready API 1.4, maybe the most important is the Test Execution history! This allows you to save your test runs to see what tests you've performed over time, and also compare the latest test run with previous runs!

More stuff!

Other improvements include the ability to access your API definitions from all tools (not just in the Project tool), a new JMS Test Step, mass cloning and moving of Test Steps to name a few.

Bundled plugins

On the plugin side we are now bundling the Swagger plugin with the installer as well as the MQTT plugin for IOT testing and UXM (AlertSite) plugin for API monitoring.


LoadUI Pro now supports having multiple test targets in scenarios, in addition to having multiple scenarios. The Targets can be looped, and also be single requests.

The load can also be allocated across multiple scenarios, using relative, equal or set load per scenario.

ServiceV Pro

ServiceV Pro has added the ability to route incoming requests to a "real" API, modifying some of the routed responses.
You can find the release notes here.

Happy testing!
/Matti Hjelm, PO SoapUI