SoapUI 1.8 released!

A new release of Ready API (including SoapUI Pro, LoadUI Pro, Secure Pro, ServiceV Pro, VirtServer and TestServer!) is available now.

SoapUI Pro now supports OAuth 1.0! Of course, we’ve supported OAuth 2.0 in the product for a while. Our users, however, tell us that they continue to need to test services secured via OAuth 1.0, so we added it! We’ve also added the ability to import Postman collections so when you’re ready to start doing more comprehensive, multi-component testing, you can quickly get started with SoapUI Pro.

This release includes additional functionality for all the products in Ready API (load testing, virtualizing APIs, security testing and creating tests via code). More details are in the release notes here:

Have fun!!!

/Gail Shlansky, PO Ready API