SoapUI Pro

SoapUI Pro - new features for SoapUI Pro users

SoapUI Pro is the latest version of SoapUI Pro, embedded in our new Ready API Platform.

It is based on the core of SoapUI, so you can continue to use existing SoapUI Projects, using your current SoapUI Pro license.

Load testing and Security testing has been extracted to its own tools, making them easier to find, while Mocking has been replaced by the more advanced ServiceV Pro tool.


Most wanted features added

Earlier we asked you, our users, to vote for new features to be added in SoapUI.

So in SoapUI Pro 5.0 we added REST Discovery, one of the most wanted features.

In SoapUI Pro 5.1 we improved the Plugin framework, also a highly requested feature.

Continuing to complete items on the requests list, in SoapUI Pro 1.0 we added Groovy Code completion and new test step types like Send Mail, XML-RPC, and Wait for file. REST Discovery now also supports https based recording using external clients.

There is also a number of bug fixes. For the complete list of new features and bug fixes, check the release notes here:

SoapUI Pro Release Notes


In the works

The upcoming version of SoapUI Pro will add more OAuth 2 flows and easier to use Data Sources. Expect it in a few weeks.

/Matti Hjelm, PO Soa