Monitor REST and SOAP APIs in Production with AlertSite

Go Live Confidently with AlertSite Proactive API Monitoring

Monitor APIs in production and post-deployment, reuse SoapUI tests, monitor internally and externally, and leverage the most intelligent, accurate alerting capabilities in the performance monitoring environment. 

  • Continually test APIs for availability, performance and functional correctness with AlertSite Synthetic Monitoring.
  • Monitor your REST or SOAP APIs in production from AlertSite’s global network of over 350 monitoring nodes spread across 80+ locations. Ensure API quality from neutral vantage points across geographies.
  • Monitor the 3rd party APIs you consume and hold vendors accountable. 


Uptime Monitoring

Proactively monitor performance to identify and remediate API problems quickly.  Creating API Endpoint Monitors and reusing SoapUI Monitors is quick and easy in AlertSite. Configure monitor attributes like run intervals, timeouts, payload, authentication and more. 

Data Validation

Add and configure assertions, to verify functional correctness and quality of your APIs. AlertSite validates the response text as well as the JSON response, and depending on the assertion configuration, it can be a single value (such as text or number), an array of values, a JSON object or a regular expression. Regular expressions can also include modifiers to change the way the pattern matching is handled. 

Rapid, Accurate Alerts

Sent directly from the monitoring nodes, AlertSite ensures you are the first to know when your API is down. AlertSite alerts are validated based on monitor attributes, recipient settings, and system/platform settings to deliver the most accurate, relevant data to help drive remediation decisions.

Integrate with Essential Tools

AlertSite seamlessly integrates with SoapUI, ReadyAPI, Splunk, PagerDuty, Perfecto Mobile, and more so that you take your functional testing efforts to the next level - monitoring functionality globally or from within your network. 


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