Monitor REST and SOAP APIs in production with AlertSite

Go live with confidence with AlertSite proactive API monitoring

APIs are integral part of your applications – both internal as well as customer facing. Don’t let the applications break due to underlying API issues.

  • Continually test you APIs for availability, performance and functional correctness from where your end users are with AlertSite synthetic monitoring.
  • Monitor your APIs and applications they support to ensure they are available, fast and correct for your end users. Deploy with confidence.
  • Monitor the 3rd party APIs you consume to ensure the sanity and sanctity of your applications.

Monitor Internal APIs and Web Services

For internal APIs, your customers are line of business users and other teams in your organization. Slow or dysfunctional internal APIs affect your internal applications and decelerate innovation.

  • Monitor internal APIs and find and fix issues proactively with AlertSite synthetic monitoring.
  • Watch over your APIs continually throughout the application development lifecycle, detect and fix issues early on, aiding to continuous deployment and DevOps initiatives.

Reuse your existing SoapUI tests

You invested a lot of thought and time in creating the SoapUI tests, now extend those tests across AlertSite monitoring network to validate your APIs from where they are being consumed.

  • AlertSite Seamlessly integrates with SoapUI and SoapUI NG Pro, so you don’t need to create new scripts to monitor your APIs.
  • Reuse existing functional scripts created, so you are monitoring the actual functionality of the API and not just the endpoint.
  • Collaborate between dev/test and operations team and aid to a true culture of DevOps.

Monitor from the cloud or behind your firewall

For the applications and the underlying APIs to keep humming along without any unforeseen errors across all diverse use cases, you need to continually test the API quality from where your end users are. Alertsite helps you do just that.

  • Monitor your REST or SOAP APIs in production from AlertSite’s global network of over 340 monitoring nodes spread across 80+ locations. Ensure API quality from neutral vantage points across geographies.
  • Monitor your APIs from behind the firewall or from within your network using AlertSite’s private monitoring modes.
  • Get a 360 degree view of your application and API health to isolate faulty components and find and fix issues before they impact your end users.

Engage right people at the rights time in case of API issues

When applications fail due to API issues, isolating the faulty component and finding the root cause takes up most of the time.  AlertSite’s fastest and most intelligent alerting helps you engage right people at the right time.

  • Get instant actionable insights from your monitoring data with our waterfalls and reporting
  • Be the first one to know about API issues using our alerts which are sent directly from the monitoring nodes
  • Engage subject matter experts right away by using our advanced customizations and routing.

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