Compare SoapUI to LoadUI Pro

Interested in load testing your REST or SOAP APIs? SoapUI Open Source and LoadUI Pro in ReadyAPI can both be used to do varying degrees of load testing. The choice of one or the other really depends on what you are trying to accomplish and how much time you have.

SoapUI Open Source:  Helps you do a quick concurrency check. Provides basic stats and is constrained to a limited amount of load based on hardware and network configuration.

LoadUI Pro in ReadyAPI: A tool for professionals and businesses that really need to be sure about the performance and scalability of their APIs. Includes distributed load testing, server monitoring, visualizations, and advanced scenario simulation.

Test Creation SoapUI Open Source LoadUI Pro
Flow Control   checked
Fast Load Test creation from functional test cases   checked

Custom Components

Stylish and Rich Interface   checked
Interactive Execution   checked
SLA Verification checked checked
Distributed Load Testing SoapUI Open Source LoadUI Pro
Multi-OS Agent Support   checked
Drag and Drop Agent deployment   checked
Cloud Load Testing(Amazon EC2)   checked
Interactive Test Runs   checked
Parallel TestCase Execution   checked
Real Time Feedback   checked
Agent Synchronization   checked
Analysis and Reporting SoapUI Open Source LoadUI Pro
Live Statistics checked checked
Advanced Reporting   checked
Detailed Analysis and Monitoring   checked
Report Printing   checked
Report Exporting checked checked
Custom Reports   checked
Configurable Statics   checked
Analytics engine   checked
Compare tests in real-time   checked
LIVE Agent Analytics   checked
Retrospective Data Analysis   checked
1-Click Reporting   checked
Results Management   checked
Highly interactive charts   checked
Multi-level result views   checked
Automated Load Testing SoapUI Open Source LoadUI Pro
Apache Maven checked checked
Luntbuild checked checked
Bamboo checked checked
Hudson checked checked
ANT checked checked
Complete Testing SoapUI Open Source LoadUI Pro
Baseline Testing checked checked
Stress Testing checked checked
Endurance Testing   checked
Spike Testing checked checked
Configuration Testing checked checked
Isolation Testing checked checked
Technology Support SoapUI Open Source LoadUI Pro
SOAP/WDSL checked checked
REST checked checked
WEB and HTTP(S) checked checked
MQTT checked checked
AMF checked checked
JDBC checked checked
POX checked checked


Download LoadUI Pro and Start Load Testing