LoadUI Pro

Let's take a quick look at the major benefits provided by LoadUI Pro over SoapUI for Load Testing:

  • Geographically Distributed Load Testing : LoadUI Pro allows you to easily distribute your Load Tests over any number of LoadUI agents. These agents can be installed on remote machines which can be in your own network or on the cloud. You can manage the load agents from inside LoadUI Pro by dragging and dropping the test scenarios as required which makes it easy to simulate load or traffic not possible from a single machine.
  • Run multiple TestCases Simultaneously : in LoadUI Pro you can run any number of SoapUI TestCases in any combination required, with different load generators, schedules and agents. For example you might want to divide load between SoapUI TestCases, each case ramping up from one load to another.
  • Monitor your servers while load testing your API: LoadUI Pro allows you to monitor the performance of your servers as your API undergo load testing. It is possible that with your API experiencing load, the servers that host the API or Databases your API connects to, may start degrading in performance. LoadUI Pro allows you to connect to these servers and monitor their performance. You can monitor parameters like memory consumption, CPU utilization, JVM amongst many others.
  • Interactive Load Testing : change and load-related parameters in real-time to see how your service and response times are affected.

Download LoadUI Pro and Start Load Testing

Now let's have a look at the integration points available in SoapUI Pro.

Note: both LoadUI and SoapUI have artifacts named "TestCase", in SoapUI it is a functional test containing a number of TestSteps, in LoadUI it is a collection of LoadUI components that can be deployed on a LoadUI Agent (read more).

LoadUI Integration Overview

LoadUI Pro allows you to easily create a load test from your existing SoapUI Pro functional tests in just a few clicks. You can also create load tests from your projects created in SoapUI Open Source.

Step 1: Open your existing SoapUI project in SoapUI Pro.

Step 2: On the project hierarchy on the left, right click on your test case and click on “New LoadUI Test”



Step 3: Specify a name for your load test case and click Ok.


Your Load UI test case is now ready for execution.


(more details on this component are at the LoadUI Pro website)