Distributed Load Generators

Distribute Traffic to On-Premise or Cloud Load Agents


Running load tests often involves simulating requests from hundreds of virtual users. Simulating these users requires a lot of resources from the computer running the test. In some situations, one computer cannot generate enough load to properly test the server.

To avoid this, you can create distributed tests. These tests use multiple computers to simulate the load on the target server. At the same time, each individual computer can handle the load generation.

If the computers creating the load are in different regions, you can measure how well your server works with clients from these regions. This also creates a more realistic test. All users are unlikely to access your server from one computer, so running distributed tests makes the simulation closer to actual user behavior.

How Does LoadUI Pro Support Running Distributed Tests?

In LoadUI Pro, load tests are created in the Distribution page. You can run these tests on any number of remote agents (a "remote agent" is a computer running the LoadUI Agent application).

You can also run load test from cloud, for example, by using the Amazon EC2 service. In this way you can you do not need to support the hardware for your load tests.


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