Easy Service Virtualization with ServiceV

As the API economy grows, API development and testing teams face increasing pressure to release high-quality SOAP and REST APIs quicker than ever before just to maintain a competitive edge. Service virtualization is the next innovation to help teams reduce costs and speed time-to-market.

Using advanced mocking (a.k.a. virtual APIs) helps you:

  • speed release cycles by developing and testing in parallel
  • overcome 3rd party downtime, rate limits, overage fees
  • perform integration and isolated testing safely
  • minimize impact of developers on your production APIs

Service virtualization in ServiceV Pro helps you deliver great APIs on time and under budget, and does so for a fraction of the cost typically associated with traditional enterprise service virtualization suites.

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Reduce delays due to 3rd party APIs

Don’t let your integrations to 3rd party APIs become a bottleneck for development and testing! With the dynamic mocking and service virtualization capabilities in ServiceV, you can simulate 3rd party APIs to:

  • overcome rate limits and overage charges
  • decouple your own process from time-boxed access to external systems
  • quickly isolate bad actors and poor performers during integration and load testing

Speed delivery with parallel development and testing

Imagine if you could test the final version of your API or application before it’s actually built, how much time would you be able to save in the long run? That’s the whole idea behind ServiceV, where you can:

  • start developing and testing immediately well before your actual API is deliverable
  • empower testers with more control over simulated responses and error handling
  • smooth out versioning problems and speed up resolution during continuous integration cycles

Load test without disrupting others

Do you really want to be considered a denial-of-service attack and have your access shut off to someone else’s API just because you needed to know the performance and scalability of your code? ServiceV dramatically simplifies:

  • minimizing the negative impact on specific APIs of a load test
  • isolating performance problems down to specific 3rd party APIs
  • simulate poor API performance to build more resilient apps and integrations

Reduce project risk and cost

Why wait for another developer to change your API’s code just to build an accurate, resilient test? What if the API’s code isn’t yours, but you still want to know how bad data from another system affects your app or API? ServiceV gives you back the power to control both sides of the equation, and can help you:

  • reduce time-to-completion for testing and UX design tasks
  • simulate error conditions to ensure you’re writing resilient tests
  • pay for only what you really need to simulate APIs instead of bloated service virtualization suites

API Virtualization Fuels Delivery of Better Web Services

Virtual APIs are a great tool to reduce dependencies and delays during a delivery cycle, but is a fantastic companion to functional, load, and security testing for your SOAP and REST APIs as well.

ServiceV Pro compliments:

  • Creating test suites before a version of the actual API is implemented.
  • Overcoming downtime in other services while developing or testing.
  • Isolating third parties that are poor targets for load testing.
  • Building more robust tests to handle positive and negative conditions.
  • Simulating conditions that depend on dynamic data.

Underlying ServiceV Pro is a common core based on a decade of open-source testing experience, including SoapUI Pro, LoadUI Pro, Secure Pro, and ServiceV Pro. The ReadyAPI framework is the most complete SOAP and REST API testing tool, ensuring quality from functional to performance and security testing to service virtualization.