Easy Automation For Your API Tests

API test automation has the potential of significantly accelerating the testing and development process. API test automation ensures consistency in testing and enables continuous improvement in the software quality. Automation enables API tests to be executed either at pre determined intervals or to be triggered by an event, like code commit. 

Increasingly testing and development teams are moving towards API test automation and integrating their testing tools with automation frameworks like Jenkins. SoapUI Pro provides easy to use 'point and click' capability that lets teams to bring REST and SOAP tests into automation platforms with just a few clicks without writing any scripts.

SoapUI Pro includes a configurable command-line interface tool, this enables you to run your tests from any task scheduler or as an integrated part of your build process. 

Three steps to full API test automation

Below are the three steps to quickly set up a test and integrate it with automation frameworks.

Step 1: Create an API Test through the intuitive 'New Test' item in the SoapUI menu or on the dashboard

Step 2: Once you have created the API test, run it to ensure that the test is configured correctly

Step 3: Download the pre-built API automation command line script from the tool's Command-Line Interface (CLI), that can be copied and directly pasted into Jenkins or any other automation platform.

That's it! your API tests are now fully automated.


SoapUI Pro integrates with a range of automation tools

Integrate with any of these popular tools via the SoapUI Pro Command-Line Interface (CLI):

The SoapUI Pro plugin for Jenkins provides an easy way to to run API functional tests from Jenkins builds.

Our plugin for TeamCity uses the SoapUI TestRunner to execute tests remotely, and enables you to call this runner from TeamCity builds.

SoapUI Pro plugs in to Microsoft Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS), enabling you to run teasts as part of the build and release process.

SoapUI Pro + Hudson = Continuous Integration, the easy way. With these two powerful tools, the development process is always running and finding bugs is easier.


Run and customize your tests within ANT's automated build system for instant regression tests and build verifications.


Integrate and run your tests within a Bamboo build just by typing a few simple commands. Automation and integration - for quicker and more efficient testing.


Integrate your unit tests with your API tests. Using TestRunner to launch SoapUI Pro's CLI tools, you can run and control the execution of SoapUI Pro tests from JUnit.


Run your SoapUI Pro tests and mocks from within a Maven build by using a few simple commands. No need to run an entire project—you can specify specific TestCases or TestSuites for a more targeted integration.


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