Let's cut to the chase. SoapUI Pro includes a bunch of time-saving capabilities that make it faster to test your APIs.

Tens of thousands of SoapUI customers have all decided that $599 a pop is easily worth the investment, saving them time and ownership costs each year. Here's just a few.

1Put data front and center

Data drives the real world. That’s why it’s in your tests, and that’s why it’s a critical aspect of comprehensive API testing. SoapUI Pro provides powerful data-driven testing capabilities to save you time and check for numerous real world conditions at the same time.

  • Data as input to your API calls
  • Validation based on real-time data
  • Correlation of data between steps
  • Dynamically generated data

Want to learn more about Data-Driven Testing? Read the tutorial.


“Using a manual process to run 100 test cases previously required close to six hours of resource time. With SoapUI, testers can conduct the same number of tests in just 20 seconds."

— Imad Alassi, Sr. Test Automation Developer

2Master your environments

Different teams have different needs. Developers need their environment, testers need theirs, and integration tasks sometimes require a staging environment of their own. SoapUI Pro makes the process of testing in multiple environments painless, managing configuration differences in one central location.

  • Environment switching
  • Installable anywhere
  • Data for each environment

Click here to read more about Multi-Environment Support.

3Fit quality in to rapid delivery

Your CI process is critical to delivering changes to your APIs on time. Getting each component in that tool chain working seamlessly is important which is why SoapUI Pro is built to easily fit in to your own process.

  • Works with CI systems like Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity and more…
  • Integrates with other API lifecycle tools
  • simplifies regression testing

Command line and Java library support provide an easy way to integrate API testing in SoapUI Pro into your CI system.


4Know your test coverage

You may have some tests built, but do you know how many parts of your APIs you aren’t testing? Coverage is vital to understand where you’re at risk of shipping code not verified by testing. With SoapUI Pro, you can quickly assess test coverage, implement both positive and negative tests, and expand your testing approach to include non-functional (load and security) testing.

  • Test-to-schema coverage visuals & reports
  • Positive and negative testing
  • Mock / virtual API coverage

Knowing where you don't have tests is just as important as knowing where you do have tests. Automate it all today with SoapUI Pro.

5Keep up with API code changes

Things change. APIs do too, especially before they’ve been shipped. SoapUI Pro provides powerful features that help you deal with last minute changes to endpoints and schema, to reconnecting development updates to your testing efforts.

  • API refactoring
  • API discovery
  • API monitoring

Refactoring helps you to detect and map new changes in API schema to existing tests. API discovery captures API traffic from your web or mobile apps to your APIs for use as tests. API monitoring gives you visibility into performance of your deployed APIs.

All three capabilities combined empowers you with agility and precision in your API strategy.


6Work better together as a team

Working alone in isolation is a luxury that even the smallest startups don’t often have, not to mention large teams. SoapUI Pro, part of the ReadyAPI platform, empowers software professionals with the ability to share testing projects and artifacts, report issues directly from the testing IDE, and share licenses between other team members.

  • Composite projects
  • Git / JIRA integration
  • Floating licenses

Find out how the plugins for Git and JIRA can help your team by reading the docs. To learn more about our different license types, see ReadyAPI Licence Types

7Find and resolve issues quickly

When an API does start acting funny, tests built in SoapUI Pro help you identify the issue and narrow down the problem to exact details in the underlying requests and responses. In many cases, it’s easier to diagnose the problem when you can see how something worked in the past versus how it’s acting today.

  • Test history
  • Test debugging
  • Compare results

When your API is misbehaving, going back to your API tests to show exactly what step and which data is at the root of the problem can expedite resolution.


8Less scripting, more testing

Let’s face it: automation scripts are often brittle. They take time to build and skill to maintain. SoapUI Pro can help you build tests that are more resilient to change and that don’t require advanced knowledge of scripting languages.

  • Point-and-click testing
  • Code completion
  • Global events

Even when you need to do something out of the normal, like data transformation or include custom logic, SoapUI Pro provides the flexibility to do what you need to do.

9Easy to learn and own

SoapUI Pro is built to satisfy a wide range of technical experience and comfortability. The editors and wizards unique to SoapUI Pro make testing a breeze for junior tester and senior developer alike. Teams can transfer ownership over specific testing tasks easily because SoapUI Pro is built for people as much as it is for APIs.

  • Editors
  • Builders (SQL, XPath, JSONpath)
  • Visual Testing

Thousands of organizations around the world have seen the tangible time savings in simplified onboarding and responsibilities transfer over testing projects in ReadyAPI, and now it's your turn too!


“Regressions automated give us tons of time savings and we can do extra stuff / tests while regressions are in execution.”

— Toni Alcaraz, Testing Analyst

10Get up and running fast

SoapUI Pro is backed by SmartBear’s excellent technical staff and by partners that provide additional training, consulting, and certification services. When your team doesn’t have much time to get their work done, SmartBear is ready to help:

  • Training
  • Certification
  • Dedicated support

Registered customers also get a free pass to join the SmartBear Customer Network where they can interact with other professionals and seasoned experts.

“We experienced a first-class customer engagement with SmartBear. From our account rep to the project manager and the top-notch engineering team, we always received prompt and professional service.”

— Fatih Comlekoglu, Chief Software Architect

11Advanced Reporting

Reporting on test metrics to others is often just as important as running the tests themselves, especially in situations where regulatory compliance or strict requirements demand accuracy. SoapUI Pro has a host of pre-built reports and reporting templates to help you deliver on just the information that matters to you the most.

  • Test execution metrics
  • Coverage metrics
  • Failed test steps

More than just visual reports, SoapUI Pro provides numerous export formats so that your continuous integration results can be stored or processed into another system for later analytics.


12Work directly with your API

Sometimes you just want to interact with your API directly, sending requests and inspecting responses. SoapUI Pro can help you do this whether you have an API descriptor (Swagger, WSDL, etc.), you just have a front-end client app, or you need to start from scratch.

  • Create API clients with no additional code
  • Build it quickly from an existing API specs
  • Easily modify data and transaction workflow

With SoapUI Pro, you have a powerful API visualizer and dynamic client requiring no additional code or elaborate setup for interaction with your SOAP and REST APIs.