SoapUI Certification

The SoapUI certification allows both SoapUI Open Source and Pro users to measure their proficiency with SoapUI by taking an online exam. Passing the exam makes you an officially Certified SoapUI User. As a Certified SoapUI User you have demonstrated your SoapUI knowledge and have set yourself apart as someone who has mastered the world's most comprehensive API testing tool.

The Certification online exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions that need to be answered in an hour, and you need to score over 70% to pass.

Certification Topics

The 60 questions cover all major feature areas in SoapUI OS / SoapUI Pro, and are assigned points values by difficulty and randomized from groups weighted by importance.

Sample Questions

Prepare for Certification

You can train yourself or your entire team with SoapUI Pro On-demand video training before taking the Certification exam. The training consists of 16 sections with on-demand videos explaining concepts and giving demonstrations to show how you can use SoapUI Pro.

Register for Certification

The Certification exam can be purchased through our online Store using the links below:

SoapUI Open Source Certification
SoapUI Pro Certification
SoapUI Pro On-Demand Video Training*
SoapUI Pro On-Demand Video Training
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