SmartBear Academy – SoapUI Classes

December 2016: SmartBear Academy - 101 Load Testing with SoapUI

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This is a free SoapUI training class hosted by SoapUI Technical Engineer, Temil Sanchez. We will cover the basics of load testing using SoapUI.

What you will learn:

  1. The fundamentals of load testing your API
  2. Creating a load test from a SoapUI test case
  3. Load testing strategies like 'Baseline' and 'Soak'
  4. Setting up the right validations for your load tests using assertions

January 2017: SmartBear Academy - API Monitoring with SoapUI

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This is a free SoapUI training class hosted by AlertSite Technical Engineer, John Lucania. We will cover the basics of API Monitoring using SoapUI.

  1. What you will learn:
  2. Exploring a journey through an API
  3. Create an API Test Case and assert for correctness
  4. Upload and configure API Monitor
  5. How API failures are presented in the AlertSite console

February 2017: SmartBear Academy - API Mocking with SoapUI 101

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This course will cover the basics of API mocking using SoapUI.

• Scenario 1 – Reduce Time to Market; Remove dependencies between teams Overcome location issues

• Scenario 2 : Control API Conditions Predictable and manageable test responses; Simulate bad conditions (or edge cases)

• Scenario 3 – Reduce External Costs Virtualize API to overcome service charges; Overcome API rate limits, downtime or throttling