Load Testing with SoapUI Replay



Watch our first free virtual training class for SoapUI: SmartBear Academy - 101 Load Testing with SoapUI hosted by Temil Sanchez (API Sales Engineer). The focus of the class will be how to load test your APIs in SoapUI.

After this class you will learn the following:

  1. The fundamentals of load testing your API
  2. Creating a basic SoapUI test case
  3. Creating a load test from a SoapUI test case
  4. Load testing strategies like 'Baseline' and 'Soak'
  5. Setting up the right validations for your load tests using assertions.

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Interested in learning more about advanced load testing?

In our latest webinar, we teach you how to create robust performance tests in LoadUI Pro from the functional tests you've already created in SoapUI. You'll also learn about monitoring web services, creating distributed load testing strategy with AWS and Azure, and configuring your tests with data.  

Watch: SoapUI vs. LoadUI Pro: Taking Your Load Testing to the Next Level