License agreement

Companionship; that’s the kind of relation we like to have with our customers. We promise to do our best to treat you fair and we are sure you do the same for us.

The License Agreement describes the terms in detail. In the Purchasing FAQ we have collected answers to the most common questions about the terms. You can also view and download the SoapUI Pro Global and US & Canada License Agreement.

Your privacy and security are essential for us. Whatever we do we always make our best to protect your integrity. Let us give you an example. We know that many of our customers handle sensitive business information received from their customers. From time to time, this sensitive information needs to be sent to us, e.g. as part of a support issue. We always treat information you send us as confidential and are happy to sign an NDA when requested. You can find more information about how we treat your sensitive data in our Privacy Policy.