Purchasing FAQ

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1. Purchasing
2. Licenses

This page covers the most frequently asked questions related to the licensing of our software. If you have a question which is not answered, please contact us.

1. Purchasing

Where can I buy SoapUI Pro?
You can buy it here, on our site.

How do I get the license?
The license will, together with information about your support account, be delivered to you by e-mail. You will normally receive this e-mail within minutes of SmartBear receiving notification about the purchase. You will also, if your Credit Card is accepted while making the purchase, get a download link in the actual receipt page and will by that be able to download the license and use SoapUI Pro immediately.

How do I renew my license?
Renewing SoapUI is simple, just purchase a renewal license.

2. Licenses

How does the usage model for SoapUI Pro look like?
It's pretty easy, the licenses are purchased per user, per year, per machine; one license grants one user the right to use SoapUI Pro for one year. You can install each SoapUI license on one machine.

OK, but how many computers can I use it on?
You can install each SoapUI license on one machine.

Is it OK to put SoapUI Pro on a workstation and let somebody else use it?
No sorry, that is several users. One license, one user, one machine.

Can I buy three licenses and use them for all 50 developers in the office?
Yes, if you buy floating licenses. A floating license can be used by anyone, from any computer -- but just one at a time. For example, if you know that SoapUI Pro will never be used by more than 3 users at a time, then you can purchase 3 floating licenses.

I work as a consultant in a test house. I bought a SoapUI Pro license for a job for one of my customers. Is it OK if I use that license performing tests for another customer?
No sorry, that means you’re effectively subletting the license which is against our EULA. You need one license per customer.

Do I need a separate license for my headless SoapUI Pro environment?
Yes. You need a license for every environment you run SoapUI Pro in. One license, one user, one machine.

Do you have floating licenses?
Yes! We now support floating licenses. This means that you can share your SoapUI Pro licenses across your team using a Licensing Server installed on your network. The Licensing Server will allow as many simultaneous users of SoapUI Pro as licenses you have purchased.

How do I install floating licenses?
Read our guide to Installing your Floating License.

Do you have site licenses?
No, in most cases site licenses are not beneficial for the customer. Instead we have extremely generous volume discounts. Contact us at sales@smartbear.com to hear how you can volume discounts.

Where can I find your license text?
You can read it here.

Can I buy for other people in the company?
Certainly, you can enter different information for the End User and The Buyer. The first page in the buying process is for entering end user information and you can enter buyer information in the next step.

Can I send you my credit card number for purchasing?
No, sorry. For your security, SmartBear does not handle any credit card numbers, not even for the purchases you’ve made on line. We’ve traded something which sometimes is a bit inconvenient for something which always is secure.