Kata 3: Be Negative!

Kata 3: Be Negative!

The App

SmartFashion is a clothes store. It has an API which can be used by their own website or other websites they have partnered with, hence the need for the API.

The API is basically a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) API.

Basic Clients can:

  • Search for items
  • Buy items

Admin Clients can also:

  • Add items
  • Remove items
  • Update items

Problem Statement

Write a suite of tests to ensure that the API correctly handles negative scenarios. If you need to brush up your knowledge before setting off we recommend you read our Best Practices: Negative Testing article.


Highlight the text below to reveal the clues:

  • Example: a client attempts to buy an item which does not exist (a white t-shirt where there’s only black t-shirts).
  • Remember that negative scenarios do not prove that the happy-path cases work.