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What is the API Testing Dojo?

We know that testing software is very important. As our lives become more intertwined with software enabled devices, the more important testing becomes. Businesses understand the merit in testing to increase overall software quality, decrease the amount of bugs, save time and money, and ultimately to improve brand reputation. Yet, although software testing gains prominence, API testing remains an obscure, undervalued, and often misunderstood practice.

The API Testing Dojo is a space to learn and hone your skills in API testing. It's meant for developers of APIs, professional testers, and anyone else who might need to determine the efficacy of an Application Programming Interface or web service. 

Testing Katas

The Testing Katas lets you assess your API testing prowess and sharpen your skills. The Katas have two diffculty levels to accomodate both new and experienced testers. This Dojo section provides opportunities for hands-on, practical training.

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**Everything in the API Testing Dojo is tool agnostic, so you'll be able to apply everything you learn here to any API testing tool.