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LoadUI Pro provides key statistical insights that help you identify and fix performance bottlenecks. The tool records in-depth statistics and parameters on your APIs performance and enables you to view these in an intuitive & interactive format.

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Detailed Statistics

No support for setting up different statistics and the tool provides no way to track results as APIs are load tested.

Easily setup load testing statistics like ‘Avg. Response Time’ & ‘Avg. Time Taken’ and compare them using graphs and charts.

Intuitive reporting

No reports can be generated from the test results.

Provides graphical reports in a range of formats including HTML & PDF.

Monitor your API servers

Hard to get insights on servers running API as no server monitoring is provided.

Provides tracking of server, database statistics and comparison with other API load test parameters.

Start a trial of LoadUI Pro today to get access to advanced load testing scenarios. Also test like a ‘pro’ by reusing functional tests, generating informative reports and easily refactoring your load tests. If you have already built your tests in SoapUI tests, you can easily import them into LoadUI Pro.


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Quickly and easily load test your API without writing any code. All features are available through a point-and-click interface.

  • Fully-functional 14 day free trial
  • Build load tests from pre-configured templates
  • Easily reuse functional tests as load tests
  • Quickly analyze and report on results