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ReadyAPI enables you to convert your functional tests to load tests with just a click

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ReadyAPI is an advanced load testing tool that enables you to reuse your SoapUI tests as load tests with just a click. Now you don’t have to create load tests from scratch, load test right away with ReadyAPI.

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Create and execute load tests in seconds

SoapUI Open Source ReadyAPI
Automatic Test Creation

Does not provide recording capabilities to create load tests. Load tests need to be configured manually.

Enables automatic creation of Load tests from API specifications like OAS 3.0 and from recorded API traffic through an inbuilt browser.

Load Test like a Pro

Provides basic load testing checks and assertions, advanced checks need to be built manually through scripting.

Provides advanced validations like SLA response times, Invalid HTTP Codes and JSON Schema Compliance.

Load Test with Data

Manually incorporate individual data elements into your load tests.

Enables automatic generation of data, capturing data from database, CSV and Excel and linking these to your tests.

Start a trial of ReadyAPI today to get access to advanced load testing scenarios. Also test like a ‘pro’ by reusing functional tests, generating informative reports and easily refactoring your load tests. If you have already built your tests in SoapUI tests, you can easily import them into ReadyAPI.


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Test the functionality of your REST and SOAP APIs faster, while improving quality and security.

  • Fully-functional 14 day free trial
  • Create and execute API tests in seconds
  • Automate your API tests with CI servers
  • Quickly generate security scans
  • Integrate with leading API management platforms