Take API Mocking to the Next Level with Service Virtualization

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Manage Virtual Environments

Use high performance routing capabilities in ServiceV Pro to record traffic as a mock and perform fault isolation.

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Simple Virtual Service Creation

Create virtual services from an API definition, record and use an existing service, or start from scratch to to generate a virtual service.

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Share & Deploy Virtual Services

Create, configure, and deploy your mock on local machines, or deploy inside a public or private cloud to share. Analyze traffic & performance of each virtual service from a web UI.

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Manage & Generate Mock Data

Generate data on-the-fly for long running tests based on a set of criteria. By using our defined data types, you can quickly set up the ability to generate responses from your virtual API.

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Simulate Server-Side Behavior

For complete testing flexibility, use ServiceV Pro to configure specific behaviors by setting bandwidth constraints, error conditions and response time ranges.

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Remove dependencies on other teams or 3rd parties by virtualizing (or mocking) APIs and web services that are out of your control.

  • Fully-functional 14 day free trial
  • Quickly create virtual APIs
  • Control simulated responses and error handling
  • Share your virtual APIs with other teams