Share your virtual services and mock APIs

Deploy your service to VirtServer to share and manage virts remotely

Reduce Waste and Share Mocks Around Your Organization

One of the most powerful aspects of service virtualization is being able to provide a virtual service to third party developers and other teams within your organization. Combine ServiceV Pro with VirtServer to unleash the power of creating and sharing virts with everyone who uses your API and Database.

  • By sharing virtual services with other teams, you can enable the test teams to build powerful and flexible tests that use any services their applications depend on and simulate a variety of conditions against them.
  • You can also speed partner developers by providing them with virtual services to code and test against, without incurring any costs on their side or disruption on yours.
  • Allowing your performance testers to use virtual services frees them from having to schedule time on the servers or build extensive environments for load simulations against the APIs their application relies on.
  • Download virts from a remote VirtServer to your own local virts so you can work independently with them.

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Remove dependencies on other teams or 3rd parties by virtualizing (or mocking) APIs and web services that are out of your control.

  • Fully-functional 14 day free trial
  • Quickly create virtual APIs
  • Control simulated responses and error handling
  • Share your virtual APIs with other teams