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  • Create virts from SOAP or REST APIs
  • Create virt from service descriptions
  • Custom Responses
  • Multiple dispatching
  • SSL Support
  • Save as WAR
  • Static content
  • SOAP recording to virt
  • Single user access
  • SOAP discovery to virt
  • REST discovery to virt
  • Deploy virt to server
  • Virt assertions
  • Server-side behavior simulation
  • Usage metrics
  • Virt execution reporting
  • Data Driven virts
  • Online Support
Optional: VirtServer Add-On
(Share Virtual Services)

Starting at


  • Deploy virt to server
  • Multi-user access to virts
  • Activate/de-activate virts
  • Usage reporting
  • Online Support

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Remove dependencies on other teams or 3rd parties by virtualizing (or mocking) APIs and web services that are out of your control.

  • Fully-functional 14 day free trial
  • Quickly create virtual APIs
  • Control simulated responses and error handling
  • Share your virtual APIs with other teams