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What can SoapUI Pro do for me?

By upgrading from SoapUI Open Source to SoapUI Pro you get a bunch of features that make your testing faster and more fun, together with our world-class support. This means that the price of upgrading is returned quickly in terms of Labor Savings and quicker Time-To-Market. It can also save you money in Software Defect Costs, by decreasing the amount of bugs that slip through.

Use our ROI Calculator below to find out how much you could be saving by upgrading today. The calculations were made by a third party, WiseClouds, and is their projection of the overall productivity increase by upgrading to SoapUI Pro.


Number of people performing testing (1-99):

Annual cost(salary,benefits, equipment) per person ($1-$99999):


Annual software testing labor total


SoapUI Pro productivity improvement


SoapUI annual labor cost reduction


Per seat cost of SoapUI Pro


Total cost of SoapUI Pro


Net SoapUI labor cost reduction after licenses


Average number of days for service testing(1-99)

Average number of days for service testing:

6 Days

SoapUI Pro productivity improvement


SoapUI Pro time-to-market reduction

6 Days

Average economic impact of an uncaught software defect($1-$99999):


Annual number of uncaught software defects that reach production(1-99):

Annual economic impact of uncaught software defects


SoapUI Pro productivity improvement


Economic impact reduction of better software defect detection


Number of people performing software testing using SoapUI Pro


Per seat cost of SoapUI Pro


Your total savings by going Pro:

Labor Savings reduction after licenses


Time-To-Market Reduction

6 days

Software Defects Savings after licenses


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