API Testing in Code with TestServer

Developer-native tools to help you prove the integrity of your API

Automate your SOAP and REST API Testing – from the comfort of your own IDE.

TestServer brings API test automation to API developers using the most popular coding languages in the world. ReadyAPI TestServer is a server-based API test automation framework, enabling API developers to:

  • Test APIs built by leveraging .NET and Java languages
  • Express API tests as code from popular IDEs such as Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ and others
  • Form your expectations early in your API design process
  • Ad-hoc test through scripts or shell commands
  • Centralize testing in enterprise environments

API testing needs to be easy for everyone, especially technical experts. Developers live in code and should have the freedom to express their intent as tests to prove the correctness of their API.

Write It, Test It, Run It in Your IDE

Developers spend a lot of time in IDEs and command shells. Having to learn another graphical tool sometimes just doesn't make sense. With ReadyAPI TestServer, developers now have access to:

  • Java client libraries to express tests as Java or Groovy code
  • A Maven plug-in to simplify the build process
  • Additional tools to auto-generate JSON-based test recipes

Continuously Deliver Awesome SOAP and RESTful APIs

The modern software delivery toolchain is built with tools that compose well together and do their job flawlessly. ReadyAPI TestServer lets you prove the correctness of your code in real time, right alongside other continuous integration tools like:

  • Jenkins / Maven
  • Bamboo
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Microsoft Release Management
  • Buildbot
  • Strider
  • Travis CI

Scale Your REST and SOAP API Testing Strategy

Teams are diverse. Some people like to code while others enjoy a rich graphical interface. With ReadyAPI TestServer, you can accommodate both approaches.

As a server-based solution, ReadyAPI can scale to any number of tests, concurrent requests, and server resources you provide. Any number of client machines can interact with TestServer, while user-level management secures your transactions to the test server over SSL.

ReadyAPI TestServer is built to run on Mac, PC, and Linux platforms.