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SoapUI IntelliJ IDE Plugin

The SoapUI IntelliJ Plugin provides all SoapUI functionality directly from within IntelliJ IDEA allowing one integrated development and testing environment for Web Services in Java.

The command-line runners are not included with the IDEA plug-in but must be installed seperately by installing the standalone SoapUI version.

Existing SoapUI desktop components are made available through two ToolWindows:

* A "soapUI Navigator" ToolWindow at the left contains the SoapUI Workspace Navigator and Details Tab

* A "soapUI Log" ToolWindow at the bottom contains the same Log Tabs as in SoapUI

All SoapUI Desktop Panels are made available as editor tabs in IDEA and will be opened and closed as usual. Here are some screenshots:

(Request Editor and Http Log)

(Tools/soapUI Menu with TestCase Runner in background)

(WS-I Basic Profile Report)

Currently, the plugin can be seen as a "level 1" integration, i.e. it is "merely" a packaging of SoapUI components in the IntelliJ environment.

SoapUI Intellij Plugin Installation

Since IntelliJ 8, a direct link for installing the SoapUI IntelliJ plugin is available in the Tools/Web Services menu. Is is also downloadable from SourceForge and through IntelliJ's plugin-manager. After installing, you should increase IntelliJ's PermGen space as the plugin requires a fair amount of memory; do this by altering the idea.exe.vmoptions file in the idea bin directory to for example:


Getting Started SoapUI Tutorial

The existing Getting Started applies also to the IntelliJ Plugin, as does the User Guide. The only real difference is that the standalone SoapUI Desktop has been replaced by the IntelliJ tabbed interface for editors.

Download IntelliJ IDE Plugin