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Introduction to JMS Testing

HermesJMS Integration


SoapUI integrates with the HermesJMS open source application which supports many different JMS providers. This gives support for JMS messaging allowing you to send and receive both text and binary messages.

Installing HermesJMS with SoapUI

HermesJMS is bundled with the SoapUI installer, so the simplest way to get it is just to select it for installation when you install (or reinstall) SoapUI.

See here for more information: Installing SoapUI.

Downloading ActiveMQ and starting the server

For the purpose of this tutorial we will need ActiveMQ (a free JMS implementation).

  • Open a console
  • Run the command activemq.bat start

This will start activemq server on your local machine.

Setting up 

Launch HermesJMS 

You can start HermesJMS from SoapUI. 

This will start the HermesJMS interface.

Configuring HermesJMS sessions

For purpose of this tutorial we will create one session in HermesJMS.


  • Enter a name for the session: activeMQsession
  • Click Apply
  • Open the Preferences editor and
  • Choose the Providers tab first at the bottom.
  • Select Classpath Groups on the right 
  • choose 'Add Group',
  • Enter the name ActiveMQ-5.11.1 (or the version you are using)

Add two jar files:
  • Right-Click on Library
  • Select Add JAR(s)
  • Go to the %activemq_home%/lib dirrectory
  • Select activemq-core-5.X.X.jar (or activemq-all-5.X.X.jar for newer versions of activeMQ)
Note: Do not use activemq-client-5.X.X.jar.
  • Select geronimo-j2ee-management_1.0_spec-1.0.jar.
  • Click Apply
  • Open the Session tab

Add setttings and properties

Note: After making changes you need to restart JMS. 

  • Open the Loader menu
  • Select ActiveMQ-5.11.1
  • Open the Plugin menu
  • Select ActiveMQ
  • Open the Class menu
  • Select org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQXAConnectionFactory
  • Right-click in the Property area to create two properties:
  • brokerName localhost
  • serviceURL service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://localhost:1099/jmxrmi
  • Right-click in the Connection Factory area to add a property:
  • brokerURL tcp://localhost:61616
We also need some destinations, let's add some topics: 

  • Click add topic
  • Add a name for the topic TestQ1
  • Click OK
  • Repeat to create TestQ2
We have now created a session in HermesJMS named activeMQSession with two queues and two topics which we can use from within SoapUI.
  • Restart JMS


Note: For TIBCO EMS users only

Place the following jars in the /bin/ext directory:

Restart SoapUI

Websphere MQ users:

Note: For Wewbsphere MQ users only

Place the following JAR-files in SoapUI's hermesJMS/lib folder:

Restart SoapUI