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Introduction to JMS Testing

SoapUI Hermes Integration

In SoapUI 3.5 we introduced support for JMS messaging allowing you to send and receive both text and binary messages.
SoapUI integrates with the HermesJMS open source application which supports many different JMS providers.


For the purpose of this tutorial we will need to download the new soapUI 3.5 installer which integrates the installer of HermesJMS.

HermesJMS with binary distributions

If you want to use binary distributions you need to install HermesJMS 1.14 manually (download here) and set its path to Preferences->Tools.

Installing soapUI

When starting the new soapUI installer you will get an option that you can select to install HermesJMS also. This is mandatory if you want to try this tutorial (unless you already have HermesJMS 1.14 or later installed).

Downloading ActiveMQ and starting the server

Also for the purpose of this tutorial we will need ActiveMQ (a free JMS implementation). Download it from the server here . Unpack it and start activemq.bat file under bin folder. This will start activemq server on your local machine.

Setting HermesJMS sessions

For purpose of this tutorial we will create one session in HermesJMS.


Open the Preferences editor and choose the Providers tab first at the bottom. Select Classpath Groups on the right and choose 'Add Group', type the name 'ActiveMQ-5.2'
Than add these two jar files also by clicking on 'Add JAR(s)', activemq-core-5.X.X.jar( or activemq-client-5.X.X.jar for newer versions of activeMQ) and geronimo-j2ee-management_1.0_spec-1.0.jar. (These jar files can be found in %actvemq_home%/lib folder).

Now choose the session tab in HermesJMS and first choose the Loader to 'ActiveMQ-5.2' and then add the settings and properties as displayed below.


Here you can COPY-PASTE serviceURL: service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://localhost:1099/jmxrmi

and also the brokerURL: tcp://localhost:61616


We have now created a session in HermesJMS named activeMQSession with two queues and two topics which we can use from within SoapUI.