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Web Service Hacking

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Tips and Tricks: 10 Tests of a Web Service Login you should always do

The most common Web Service Request must be The Login, many of the web services we produce are used by an identified user. This leads to us often having a Login TestStep as the the starting point for all our Web Service testing a typical TestCase will look Like this: Log In, Get a Session ID and use that ID in all subsequent requests, and finally use that session id to Log out.

We have a long tradition of doing security Testing of Login functionality for "Regular" Web Pages as are we very conscious about intrusion mechanisms for web pages when we build them, but still both Security and security testing is quite often left out of Web Service Testing.

In this tip and tricks article we will produce some simple tests you can perform when doing your Web Service Testing and that we feel you should always do. Create the tests in your own project, save them as a template and use them in all your tests all the time.

Before we look into the tests, we have to be aware of what we're looking for, so first let's state this; large part of hacking often is not about actually gaining access to a system, but rather exposing system behavior in order to be able to get access to it later. This means large parts of our testing is not about cracking the system, but rather expose behavior in your web service that exposes how it works. Our first Tip is an example of this.


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