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Service Mocking Overview

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Let's look into the world of mocking; you've probably come across it many times before, especially if you're a developer, but let's look specifically into what unique about Service Mocking. But first, let's try a definition.

What is Mocking?

What is Mocking? Let’s try a definition:

“Service Mocking, or simulation, is the practice of creating a facsimile environment that works similar to the environment you’re facsimileing”.

That’s fancy speak for saying “You build something that works as something else”

Mocking is also called Isolation, Simulation, or Virtualization, but those are term basically created to move the lowly practice of mocking higher into the value chain. So, for all purposes Isolation, Simulation, and Virtualization are the same as mocking, just much more expensive. Let's call it mocking and move on to the uses of it.

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