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NOTE! The Maven 1 plugins has been deprecated since SoapUI version 3.6 and will no longer recive any updates.

The soapUI Maven plugin for maven 1.x allows you to run soapUI functional and load tests within a maven build.

Prior to installing a new version of the plugin, you should delete any old versions from you local cache, repository, maven installation.

Download the latest version of the plugin from sourceforge soapUI Downloads or install it directly from the command line:

maven plugin:download -DgroupId=eviware -DartifactId=maven-soapui-plugin 
-Dversion=1.6 -Dmaven.repo.remote=

Alternatively you can specify a dependency directly in your project.xml;


In this case, don't forget to add the soapUI repository to your repository list in;


soapUI Maven Plugin Usage

Download and install the plugin as described above. By default, it will look for a soapUI project file named${pom.artifactId}-soapui-project.xml, you can override this by setting with the maven.soapui.project property.

Run functional tests with

maven soapui:test

and load tests with

maven soapui:loadtest

The plugin will load the specified project file and run all TestCases available in all TestSuites. If you want to narrow down which TestSuites/TestCases/LoadTest to run, use the maven.soapui.test.testsuitemaven.soapui.test.testcaseand maven.soapui.test.loadtest properties for that purpose.

If you want to change the service endpoint, host, username, password or domain used by the TestRequests in the executed TestCases, set this with one of the maven.soapui.test.XX properties, for example

maven soapui:test -Dmaven.soapui.test.endpoint=

Be aware that this will set the endpoint for all TestRequests executed, you might need to narrow down which TestCase to run if you have multiple TestCases testing multiple services.

For example if you have 2 TestSuites, each testing its own service in your project, you could run these as follows;

maven soapui:test -Dmaven.soapui.test.testsuite=TestSuite1 

followed by

maven soapui:test -Dmaven.soapui.test.testsuite=TestSuite2 

Turn on creation of simple reports as described for the command line SoapUITestCaseRunner and SoapUITestCaseRunner runners with the properties.

Sample Outputs from the Maven plugin

Here comes an example output when running soapUI functional tests through maven as described above using the sample project included in the offline distribution:

maven soapui:test -Dmaven.soapui.project=sample-soapui-project.xml
 __  __
|  \/  |__ _Apache__ ___
| |\/| / _` \ V / -_) ' \  ~ intelligent projects ~
|_|  |_\__,_|\_/\___|_||_|  v. 1.0.2


    [echo] Running soapUI project sample-soapui-project.xml with endpoint []
    [java] SoapUI 2.5.1 TestRunner
    [java] 23:57:56,258 INFO  [SoapUITestCaseRunner] setting projectFile to [sample-soapui-project.xml]
    [java] 23:57:56,838 INFO  [WsdlProject] Loaded project from [sample-soapui-project.xml]
    [java] 23:57:57,219 INFO  [SoapUITestCaseRunner] Running soapui tests in project [Sample Project]
    [java] 23:57:57,219 INFO  [SoapUITestCaseRunner] Running soapui suite [Test Suite]
    [java] 23:57:57,219 INFO  [SoapUITestCaseRunner] Running soapui testcase [Test Conversions]
    [java] 23:57:57,219 INFO  [SoapUITestCaseRunner] runing step [SEK to USD Test]
    [java] Retrieving document at ''.
    [java] 23:57:59,893 INFO  [SchemaUtils] Loading schema types from []
    [java] 23:57:59,893 INFO  [SchemaUtils] loading schema types from
    [java] Assertion [Schema Compliance] has status VALID
    [java] Assertion [XPath Match - check for less than 0.2] has status VALID
    [java] Assertion [XPath Match - check for more than 0.1] has status VALID
    [java] Assertion [SOAP Fault Assertion] has status VALID
    [java] 23:58:01,025 INFO  [SoapUITestCaseRunner] runing step [USD to SEK Test]
    [java] Assertion [Schema Compliance] has status VALID
    [java] Assertion [XPath Match - check for less than 8] has status VALID
    [java] Assertion [XPath Match - check for more than 7] has status VALID
    [java] Assertion [SOAP Fault Assertion] has status VALID
    [java] 23:58:01,495 INFO  [SoapUITestCaseRunner] Finished running soapui testcase [Test Conversions], time taken = 4276ms
    [java] 23:58:01,505 INFO  [SoapUITestCaseRunner] Running soapui testcase [Test XMethods Query]
    [java] 23:58:01,505 INFO  [SoapUITestCaseRunner] runing step [Test getAllServiceNames]
    [java] Assertion [XPath Match - check for Anagram Service] has status VALID
    [java] 23:58:03,488 INFO  [SoapUITestCaseRunner] runing step [Transfer values]
    [java] 23:58:03,688 INFO  [SoapUITestCaseRunner] runing step [Test getServiceDetail]
    [java] Assertion [XPath Match] has status VALID
    [java] 23:58:03,949 INFO  [SoapUITestCaseRunner] Finished running soapui testcase [Test XMethods Query], time taken = 2444ms
    [java] 23:58:03,959 INFO  [SoapUITestCaseRunner] soapui suite [Test Suite] finished in 6740ms
Total time: 10 seconds
Finished at: Sun Oct 02 23:58:04 CEST 2005

Another sample with a failed loadtest:

maven soapui:loadtest -Dmaven.soapui.test.loadtest=LoadTest1
 __  __
|  \/  |__ _Apache__ ___
| |\/| / _` \ V / -_) ' \  ~ intelligent projects ~
|_|  |_\__,_|\_/\___|_||_|  v. 1.0.2

Attempting to download swingx-SNAPSHOT.jar.

    [echo] Running soapui project jbossws-soapui-project.xml with endpoint []
    [java] SoapUI 2.5.1 LoadTestRunner
    [java] 22:48:13,116 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] setting projectFile to [jbossws-soapui-project.xml]
    [java] 22:48:13,116 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] setting testSuite to [test]
    [java] 22:48:13,116 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] setting testCase to [testcase3]
    [java] 22:48:13,647 INFO  [WsdlProject] Loaded project from [jbossws-soapui-project.xml]
    [java] 22:48:14,818 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] Skipping testcase [testing], filter is [testcase3]
    [java] 22:48:14,818 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] Skipping testcase [testcase2], filter is [testcase3]
    [java] 22:48:14,818 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] Running LoadTest [LoadTest1]
    [java] 22:48:14,878 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] LoadTest [LoadTest1] progress: 0.0
    [java] 22:48:15,870 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] LoadTest [LoadTest1] progress: 0.038
    [java] 22:48:16,871 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] LoadTest [LoadTest1] progress: 0.102
    [java] 22:48:17,873 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] LoadTest [LoadTest1] progress: 0.14
    [java] 22:48:18,884 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] LoadTest [LoadTest1] progress: 0.204
    [java] 22:48:19,876 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] LoadTest [LoadTest1] progress: 0.274
    [java] 22:48:20,887 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] LoadTest [LoadTest1] progress: 0.35
    [java] 22:48:21,889 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] LoadTest [LoadTest1] progress: 0.424
    [java] 22:48:22,890 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] LoadTest [LoadTest1] progress: 0.488
    [java] 22:48:23,891 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] LoadTest [LoadTest1] progress: 0.564
    [java] 22:48:24,893 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] LoadTest [LoadTest1] progress: 0.642
    [java] 22:48:25,894 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] LoadTest [LoadTest1] finished with status FAILED
    [java] 22:48:25,894 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] Exporting log and statistics for LoadTest [LoadTest1]
    [java] 22:48:25,944 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] Exported 36 log items to [results\LoadTest1-log.txt]
    [java] 22:48:26,265 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] Exported 33 error results
    [java] 22:48:26,265 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] Exported 3 statistics to [results\LoadTest1-statistics.txt]
    [java] 22:48:26,265 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] Skipping testcase [testcase4], filter is [testcase3]
    [java] 22:48:26,265 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] soapui suite [test] finished in 11447ms
    [java] 22:48:26,265 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] 1 load tests failed:
    [java] 22:48:26,265 INFO  [SoapUILoadTestRunner] LoadTest1: Maximum number of errors [30] exceeded for step [Groovy Script]
    [java] 22:48:26,265 ERROR [SoapUILoadTestRunner] LoadTests failed

File...... C:\Documents and Settings\ole.matzura\.maven\cache\maven-soapui-plugin-1.5beta1\plugin.jelly
Element... ant:java
Line...... 104
Column.... 105
Java returned: 1
Total time: 18 seconds
Finished at: Sun Mar 12 22:48:26 CET 2006

Plugin Goals

  • soapui:test : Runs the soapUI tests as specified by the plugin properties. Internally invokes the SoapUITestCaseRunner as described there.
  • soapui:loadtest : Runs the soapUI LoadTests as specified by the plugin properties. Internally invokes the SoapUILoadTestRunner as described there.
  • soapui:mock : Runs the soapUI MockService specified by the plugin properties. Internally invokes the

Plugin Properties

The following properties are available for configuring the plugin functionality. * = required, values in parentheses at the end specify for which goals the property is applicable.

  • maven.soapui.project : Specifies the name/URL of the soapUI project file to use, default value is ${pom.artifactId}-soapui-project.xml (test, loadtest, mock)
  • maven.soapui.test.testsuite : Specifies the name of the TestSuite to run (test,loadtest)
  • maven.soapui.test.testcase : Specifies the name of the TestCase to run (test,loadtest)
  • maven.soapui.test.loadtest : Specifies the name of the LoadTest to run (loadtest)
  • maven.soapui.test.limit : Overrides the limit of executed LoadTests (loadtest)
  • maven.soapui.test.endpoint : Overrides the service endpoint to be invoked by any TestRequests test (loadtest)
  • : Overrides the target host:port to be invoked by any TestRequests (test,loadtest)
  • maven.soapui.test.username : Overrides the username used by any TestRequests run (test,loadtest)
  • maven.soapui.test.password : Overrides the password used by any TestRequests run (test,loadtest)
  • maven.soapui.test.domain : Overrides the domain used by any TestRequests run (test,loadtest)
  • : Controls if a small test report should be printed to the console (yes/no) (test,loadtest)
  • : Set which folder results/reports are saved to (test,loadtest)
  • :Turns on creation of JUnit reports (test)
  • :Controls if all test requests should be exported (default only exports errors), (yes/no) test)
  • maven.soapui.mock.service * : Sets which MockService to run with the soapui:mock goal (mock)
  • maven.soapui.mock.port : Sets which port to listen on locally when mocking (mock)
  • maven.soapui.mock.path : Sets which path to listen on locally when mocking (mock)
  • maven.soapui.mock.noblock  : Turns off blocking when MockRunner has started (mock)
  • maven.soapui.settings : Path to soapui-settings.xml (test,loadtest,mock)
  • maven.soapui.settings.password : soapui-settings.xml password if it is encrypted (test,loadtest,mock)
  • maven.soapui.project.password :project password if it is encrypted (test,loadtest,mock)
  • maven.soapui.test.FailIgnore :Do not stop if error occurs, ignore them (test)
  • maven.soapui.test.wssPasswordType :Sets the WSS password type, either 'Text' or 'Digest' (test,loadtest)
  • :Saves the project after running the tests (test,loadtest,mock)
  • maven.soapui.test.threadcount : Sets number of running threads (loadtest)
  • maven.soapui.createCoverage :Sets the output to include Coverage HTML reports. Pro only. (test)
  • maven.soapui.reportFormat :Sets formats for created report. Pro only. (test)
  • maven.soapui.reportName :Sets which report to create. Pro only. (test)

System properties can be set by -D and global properties by -G.