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Main Window

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Overview - Main Window


Option Description
1_snag_evi Main toolbar
Main toolbar
2_snag_evi Icons toolbar
Icon shortcuts toolbar
3_snag_evi Navigator Pane
Expandable tree display of worspace content (Read Reference Navigation)
4_snag_evi Properties Pane
Lists available predefined workspace properties(Read Reference Navigation)
5_snag_evi Log Inspectors
Available log inspectors in main window

Main Toolbar


File menu


Option Description
New soapUI Project
Creates a new soapUI project in this workspace
Import Project
Adds an existing project into this workspace
Import Remote Project
Imports a remote project into this workspace
Save All Projects
Saves all projects in the current workspace
Open All Closed Projects
Opens all closed projects in the current workspace
Close All Opened Projects
Closes all opened projects in the current workspace
Rename Renames this workspace
New Workspace
Creates a new workspace
Switch Workspaces
Loads another workspace file
Clear Workspace
Removes all projects from the workspace
Preferences Sets global soapUI preferences
Save Preferences
Saves all global preferences
Import Preferences
Imports soapUI settings from another settings -file
Reopens recent items
Exit Saves all projects and exist soapUI
Exit Without Saving
Exits SoapUI without saving
Online Help
Shows online help


Tools Menu


Option Description
JBossWS Artifacts
Generates JBoss WS artifacts using the JBoss wstools utility
JBossWS JAX-WS Artifacts
Generates JBossWS JAX-WS artifacts using JBoss WS wsconsume
JAX-RPC Artifacts
Generates JAX-RPC artifacts using wscompile
JAX-WS Artifacts
Generates JAX-WS artifacts using wsimport
AXIS 1.X Artifacts
Generates AXIS 1.X artifacts using WSDL2Java
AXIS 2.X Artifacts
Generates AXIS 2.X artifacts using WSDL2Java
Apache CXF
Generates Apache CXF using WSDL2Java utility
XFire 1.X Stubs
Generates XFire 1.X stubs using wsgen utility
Oracle Proxy Artifacts
Generates Oracle Proxy artifacts using the wsa.jar utility
XmlBeans Classes
Generates XmlBeans classes
JAXB 2.0 Artifacts
Generates JAXB 2.0 artifacts
.NET 2.0 Artifacts
Generates .NET 2.0 artifacts using wsdl.exe
GSoap Artifacts
Generates GSoap artifacts using wsdl2h and soap2cpp
Launch TcpMon
Launch Tcp Mon for monitoring SOAP traffic
Start Hermes JMS application

Desktop Menu


Option Description
Switch Window Prompts to switch to an open editor window
Maximize Desktop
Hides or shows the navigator and log tabs
Close Current
Close the current tab
Close Others
Close all tabs except the current one
Close All
Close all windows
Open TestCase Layout
Opens TestCase Layout

Help Menu


Option Description
Starter Page
Shows the starter page
User Guide Shows online help
Getting Started Show online help
Search Forum Searches the soapUI support forum
System Properties Shows the current system properties
Update License Updates the installed license
Show License Details Shows the installed license
Buy License Buy license Opens Opens
About soapUI Pro Shows information on soapui Pro
Show License Shows the soapUI Pro license agreement

Icons Toolbar


Option Description
Creates a new soapUI project
Imports an existing soapUI project into the current workspace
disk_multiple Saves all projects in the current workspace
options Sets global soapUI preferences
proxyEnabled Apply proxy defined in global preferences
find Searches the soapUI support forum
help-browser Show online help


Log inspectors


Option Description
soapUI Log


Jetty Log

Error Log

Wsrm Log

Memory Log